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lousy executive relations response

Cease all contact: why?
On Friday he contacted me asking if i wanted assistance from local management in selecting system, I stated yes, then today he yet again asks if that's what i wanted, then directs me to store, when I state have them call me states ok, then now sends me an email stating they don't sell over phone and they will contact in 24-48 hours, wow as " Senior Executive Resolution Specialist" he should have known BB policy and stated such on Friday, not lead me to believe all w/e they were working on this, this kind of  lackadaisical cs leads to believe the " corporate  complaint he filed on my behalf" went into the proverbial " circular file" or what started as issue with " arlo" now is expanded to include Bestbuy... fi this were case should've just said sorry on 1st email....this is why your stock is falling and Amazon is kicking your butt
then he sent
Hello Mr. B,I respect your intent to continue to write to our executives and Hubert Joly. Please understand that I am in place to respond to customer concerns on their behalf, and therefore, I represent the highest level of escalation Best Buy offers to customers. Your correspondence to Hubert Joly and other executives will be forwarded to my attention. I say this only so that you are not further disappointed if you do not receive a direct response from an executive.To clarify, I am not ceasing all contact with you and I apologize if my previous email came across that way or if I misspoke on my communication to you. As I stated below, I have reached out to our inside sales team and partnering with them on resolution in finding a camera security system that will work for and meet your requirements.    I know that I can’t take back the time you have spent communicating with my team regarding this issue, nor can I take back the frustration that you have felt throughout this process, and we sincerely apologize for that. 
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Re: lousy executive relations response

Hello there, 350z,


I’m grateful you took the time to bring your case to us on the Best Buy forums.  With apologies, I would have to ask you to continue to work with your Executive Support Specialist.  If you’re needing us to reach out to them to contact you, I’d be happy to arrange this for you, but I’ll need some additional information first.


Using the information provided at registration to these forums, the information shared didn’t allow me any opportunity to locate any account information.  For me to escalate this back to their team, I would need you to send me a private message containing your full name, phone number, email address, and any order or case number(s) you have been given. 

Be sure to click the blue private message button in my signature line below to keep your information from the public’s eye. 

JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: lousy executive relations response

oih no per THAT person , HE WAS THE ONLY 1 that will respond, rather narcissitic