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i9 12900k came empty, investigation required?

my i9-12900k came empty in the mail and i had been told they need to do an investigation before i get a replacement or refund? why am i the one getting screwed over by having to wait god knows how long for a replacement or refund so i can buy another in store the same day at best buy?? why do i gotta wait when i litteraly didn’t do anything wrong and its on yalls end that messed up or UPS idk, now im waiting with no computer because i have no CPU, like what?? how long is this even going to take???? If i had the money i would just buy the part again right now and wait for the refund but its another 700$ i dont got that money lying around to get my CPU, just unbelievable worst case scenario from an online purchase, especially something so important like a CPU which i need for my computer to stream. unbelievable
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Re: i9 12900k came empty, investigation required?

still can’t believe i gotta wait god knows how long for me to either get my money back or get another one shipped, why cant i just do an instore pickup after the investigation is resolved, litteraly shipping it will just take longer than it has to be, never again am i ordering anything online and the next time i buy something im going to buy it in store and open it infront of the manager’s face so this never happens again. once bitten twice shy.
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Re: i9 12900k came empty, investigation required?

I know its frustrating but these claims are taken seriously due to the nature of an expensive item and they have to do a through investigation in order to provide the best support options to you.

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Re: i9 12900k came empty, investigation required?

I was a bit upset my bad, however i do want clarity as to what happened when the investigation is concluded, I know maybe for lawful purposes I can’t be told exactly who did what, but I definitely want clarity on the investigation for having to go through this. not just “ok here’s another CPU.” Like at least give me some clarity best buy as to what happened.
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Re: i9 12900k came empty, investigation required?

Hello, hambaby, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting on our forums regarding your experience, however I do wish it was under better circumstances. Having a negative experience with shipping would be frustrating, and I understand wanting this addressed. I'd like the chance to follow up on this and assist. To ensure we investigate all our available options to assist you. I will need to verify some information, could you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Order Number


I'll keep an eye out for your message.



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