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gift card inop

Here is a synopsis of the saga of the $181.89 gift card


Purchased a HP Officejet 8025

went to replace the ink and all of the expensive replacements did not work.


Stopped by Best Buy 02/27 to see what could be done.

No problem- bring it in for a refund to apply to a new printer.

But wait, the ones you are looking at HPM28, sell out and you don't want to be out a printer, Well gosh, no.

So we were told to purchase and the amount would be refunded.


Brought back the HP 8025 03/04 -given a gift card for $181.89


Fast forward to Sunday- finally decided on "the one" the laptop decision I have been agonizing over for several years.  It is in the cart with the accessories and software desired, ready to pay. I went to scratch off the silver and it peeled part of the code off. 


  • Immediately contacted the help online. They cannot help-go to store.
  • Went to store 3/29 Customer Service young lady @ 4:20 said that she was unable to help. Call 1888bestbuy.
  • Called 1800888bestbuy spoke at length with "Addy"  She cannot help. Go to store.
  • Since I was calling from the parking lot, I went back to the Customer Service line. Young man tried to help.  He said that they could apply the amount to the online order and I could pay the rest there.  IF the manager approved.  Justin the manager does not approve. He emphatically states that the amount exceeds the limit he is allowed to approve. It is not in his ability to help.  I need to call 18887167994 which they highlighted on the back of the card.
  • Called 18887167994 spoke with Nicole at length.  She said that she could not help me because the number was not on the account.  She said that it showed that I had received a replacement printer (whydoes it show that?). She said that the only solution I had was to go to the store and speak to a different manager.

So someone is lying or misinformed. Is there any solution or am I out the money? 


We have always had a good experience with Best Buy and only buy our computers there (until now) even though we can get them cheaper, I now have doubts. It is not about the money at this point. It is seeing if this situation is a fluke or if this is the new normal for Best Buy.




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Re: gift card inop

Hello, studyhard,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to write to us and letting us know about your experience with this gift card. I know I always like having a gift card around in the event I see a great sale. Having accidently scratched off my fair share of gift cards over the years, I know that it can cause quite a bit of stress. I'd be glad to give you some more information about this process and provide some more details on what options I have available to help.


If a gift cards is lost or damaged we can arrange for a replacement of the remaining balance with a proof of purchase. I'd like to take review your case history and return transaction to get a better understand of of why this indicates you received a replacement printer.


I'll need a bit more information so I can get this process started. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Customer service PIN (located at bottom of receipt)


You can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post. I look forward to hearing back from you so I can explore what options I have to assist you moving forward.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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