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contact info before filing complaint


I will be filing a complaint* with consumer affairs, but they say first I have to raise the issue to BestBuy and give them a chance to solve it. Could you please help where can I send my complaint to BestBuy (should be in writing)? If there is nothing apart from the chat thing, then its all good and I can go ahead and file my complaint with consumer affairs.

* the complaint is about best buy asking me to travel 2+hours back and forth to a store to show them that a charger worth 20 bucks and still under warranty is not working, such that they can repair it. I bought the notebook and the charger online and was shipped to my address, so I told them I will be shipping the charger back to them from my address, but they said they only handle warranty with an in store visit. So in then end I just bought a charger from walmart and will file the complaint as even this is much less hassle then going to the store...
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Re: contact info before filing complaint

Hello, jato,


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I would also be frustrated to receive a defective charger with my new laptop. While most manufacturers don't sell their charges separately from the laptop, we do have a few universal charger models that should work with your device! I would be happy to look into our options for you, can you send a Private Message with the information below? You should be able to send a Private Message by clicking the button to the right of my signature below!


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