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closed account /social security thieve



why best buy close account ?


bill paid before due date

interest charge added to my account.

chosen to not pay interest payment with promotion (reward) during time of second  purchase on card. 

best buy states a balance of 109.00 ? all was paid off.

bank of america fault for not paying bill of best buy  all fund are available. 

i've also feel that someone is using my tina monteros idenity and i think that i tina is being very mislead with the perchases and the money that was paid to BEST BUY. they are using some sort of information that i tina has. please see that the person stops and that those who hire attorney stop taking money from people cause it is not theirs in good or defence.  

thank you.




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Re: closed account /social security thieve

Welcome to the forums! It sounds like you may have multiple issues so I'll try my best to summarize them.


When it comes to interest free purchase promotions you will need to pay off that balance before the period is over so that you don't accrue the interest. Whiich leads me to the next scenario. Let's say you used your card again during the purchase promo period to charge something else to your card. 


You would need to continue to pay on the promo balance until it's paid off. When making a payment if you write a check or money order to pay Citibank you would need to put in the memo field that you would like to allocate that payment towards the promo balance. Paying any other way won't let them know about it and it will continue to apply your payment as a standard one. 


In regards to the security issue you are having, are you paying online, over the phone or by mail in accordance with the directions listed in your billing statement? These are official ways to pay. Some people may choose to have a check sent to their creditors through their banks online bill payment but I've found those payments take way longer than if you sent it to them yourselves. 


If you have a security concern or a problem that a payment was sent out through means other than Best Buy's official and secure ways to pay, you would need to contact Citi Bank and / or your bank immediately. Your bank can help you review transactions to make sure you are safe and secure on your accounts etc. 


Hope this little bit helps. Other forum members may chime in as well as a moderator. 


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Re: closed account /social security thieve

Hi there, Chula,


Thanks for reaching out to us here on Best Buy Forums. I can certainly understand wanting clarity on your questions related to your My Best Buy Credit Card.


Our Super User, hockeycanuckjc has provided a wonderful explanation that you may find helpful regarding the issues you are having.


I would also recommend reaching out to Best Buy Credit Card support through Citibank at (888) 574-1301 if you need specific support on your account. 

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