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best buy warranty not linked correctly so either accept their offer or no warranty at all.

on 10/25/2019, i walked into the best buy store with my go pro 5 that has an issue of burning my sd card. i had brought the 3 years warranty for this go pro which is still under warranty. because the this go pro had over heated and destoryed 3 of my sd card, i was expected to use the 98.99 dollar warranty to get the full store credit and possible buy an updated go pro 7. 


however my nightmare arrived as soon as i arrived at my local best buy, because i didnt buy the go pro 5 with my warranty at the same time (brought it within the first 14 days). the employee told me they cant process my warranty for some reason as their system wouldnt allow they to. they try calling support, tried to accept it as "return" and even told me that i will have to send it to the geek squad to open a inquire before they can issue me a gift card. i waited at the best buy for 45 minutes to have the staff process this warranty. after geek squad say they cant fix the issue, and that i had waited for 45 minutes getting passed from managers to manager, i told they i cant wait as i have used up all my lunch to try to solve this issue. they told me just come back later so they can help me process this.


i came back at dinner and waited through the management and finally someone came to me and said" sir, it looks like the reason we cant process the warranty was that they have already processed your exchange instead of return. it looks like they gave you a go pro 7 to replace your go pro 5 so that the warranty was already used up." i was shocked as i didnt get anything for any replacement this morning. i explained to the current manager that i waited as they were trying to fix the issue but never finished, and i had to go back to work as they had used up all of my lunch time. the night manager said he will have to confirm this with the morning management before and there is nothing he can do for me.


next day 10/26/2019, i stopped in the same best buy to wait for the morning manager, she came out after 20 minutes of wait to give me the store credit and told me they had processed it. but after careful inspection, it looks like she used the system to issue a replacement of the go pro 7, and then returned the go pro 7 to count as my "warranty". however, the orginal purchased price of the go pro 5 i had warranty for was 394.99 and the new go pro 7 she issued as a replacement was priced at 329.99. when she gave me the store credit she issued it as 329.99 instead of my warranted amount. after waiting another 30 minutes for her to fix this issue, she came out to explain to me that this was the work of "corporate". either i have to accept it as 329.99 or the corporate will not honor my warranty. 


after hearing that, i had no chance but to accept what they offered. 






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Re: best buy warranty not linked correctly so either accept their offer or no warranty at all.

Hey there,


Thanks for reaching out, KevinRen! This sounds off to me and I'd like to look into this further. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, email, and phone number? You can send me a message by clicking the blue, "Private Message," button in my signature below. 




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