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anti consumer behavior and price gouging in the marketplace

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I'd like to issue a complaint that is anti-consumer marketplace seller behavior and possibly illegal practice in Canada artificially raising prices by taking the monopoly of a stock price gouging


I was interested in placing an order on a sale item(Model Number: 15 B12UGSZ-480CA Web Code: 16003102) on the morning of Sunday January the 22nd 2023  when i went to purchase the laptop it was purchased by a marketplace seller and relisted for a higher price.



The price of the laptop was originally available from BestBuy Canada at $1,699.95 but the stock was purchased up by James from "Deal Targets" a marketplace seller on BestBuy Canada platform


It is now listed on bestbuy canada by Deal Target for $2,76797 (Model Number: 15 B12UGSZ-480CAWeb Code: 16562952)


after talking with the owner of Deal Targets James over the phone- He confirmed to me that he bought up the sale stock to sell at a gouged price. At the moment he has received 2 units from bestbuy but is waiting on the one sold to him Sunday morning. 

So he will have three laptops he bought to sell at a falsely inflated price. as a loyal and frequent shopper of BestBuy Canada i find this unfair and Anti consumer behavior 


Sold and shipped by Best Best Buy Canada claims SALE ends: January 26, 2023


 I explained to the owner of Deal Targets I'm a student in need of a laptop with these technical specifications for my workload in college and this sale was the only way I am able to afford it.

and asked him if he would provide me with a more reasonable price as he just ordered all the laptops and listed them BestBuy marketplace for 1000 dollars markup. 

I was researching the laptop and best buy is the only certified msi retailer who sells this configuration of this model msi crosshair 15 B12UGSZ-480CA and James(Deal Target) confirmed he purchased all the available stock to sell at a markup  .


The marketplace seller bought the remaining stock and listed it at a considerable marked up price. i ask that you please investigate this anti-consumer marketplace seller behavior. 


the marketplace sellers user is Deal Targets

and the listing of the unit being price gouged is Model Number: 15 B12UGSZ-480CA Web Code: 16562952


this is anti consumer behavior and i don't believe it should be tolerated on the BestBuy platform




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Re: anti consumer behavior and price gouging in the marketplace

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Hello, Ben, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for reaching out on our forum for support with your pricing concern. I notice you contacted us on Twitter as well, and I just replied to you on that platform through DM. As you'll find I explained in that message as well, our team handles orders and accounts within the USA. We encourage you to contact the Canada support team through their Contact Us page, you can reach out to their support team on Twitter to @BestBuyCanHelp, through their Facebook, or via phone by calling (866) BEST-BUY.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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