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Your delivery driver hit my unoccupied well parked car!!

Saturday 01/29 your delivery driver hit my unoccupied parked car.
It damaged my fender, hood and wheel.
I am wondering what kind of safe driving training your drivers go through. It was a 100% avoidable accident if he just followed the basic safe driving technique when packing up and he had a passenger in his truck that could’ve helped him, instead of hitting my car on a really called Saturday morning that I had to be outside.
My car is not safe to drive now and however I filed a complaint right away, yet I did not hear anything from your company or your insurance company.
I had to rent a car because my job requires travel.
I am wondering for how long I have to wait to get a response and I was part of any of this it was 100% on your training efficiency and safe driving measures your drivers must be compliant with.
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Re: Your delivery driver hit my unoccupied well parked car!!

Hello, Ehab!


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I appreciate you taking the time to join and reach out to us regarding an incident that took place during a delivery. Although this isn't the type of experience we want our customers to have, we prepare for things like this since we understand were all humans and mistakes can happen. I would love to assist and look into this. Can you please send us a private message with your full name, phone number email address and order number? A private message can be sent by clicking on "private message" next to my signature.


Thank you,

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