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You're selling a bankrupt vendor (Yuneec) + weak customer service.

To begin, the reason for all of this.  You currently sell drones from a company, Yuneec.  This company is bankrupt/defunct.  They do not respond to any inquiries of any type: phone, email, chat, Service Requests.  They've even disabled accounts to their page now if you started a service request.  Checking the company's social media: facebook, twitter, instagram, there are many comments about no communication and some saying they've laid off all staff.  So you all are currently selling products from a bunk company.  The reason I'm here is I bought one of those products.


I bought a Mantis Q drone and a few extra batteries for it.  I noticed one of the batteries was swelling when it was tough to insert.  Looking closer, one of the batteries was swollen so bad the case was cracked and the other two were swollen as well.  I tried to contact Yuneec about this first, but as you might guess from the first paragraph, I got no response and had my account disabled.


Let me start off by saying that I work in a retail store for a growing national retailer on the forbes top 100 places to work list, and handle customer service issues such as this.  I see the value in retail stores and would like them to continue to exist.  In order for that to happen though, they have to offer something that a foreign-discount-website-with-no-support doesn't offer.  When I'm dealing with an issue like mine at work, one of the core things that I do is to simply Listen.  Listen to the person, hear their issue, and present to them potential solutions.  Through both of my encounters I did not feel like I was listened to at all, just interrupted and given generic responses.


As I understand it, these swollen batteries could be dangerous, and since the manufacturer was unreachable due to the company being dead, I contacted the Best Buy help chat since I purchased it thru you.  I have the log from that available, but the most frustrating thing about it was that despite the core issue being that the manufacturer was unresponsive, the associate's first suggestion was to contact the manufacturer. First asked if I had the Geek Squad plan, then suggested I contact the manufacturer. Generic response, not listening.  I'll include a section of that log at the bottom.


So the solution presented to me was to contact the manufacturer(lol?) or make an in store appointment, so I told them that I would just take them to a store.


I took the batteries to the Eastgate, Ohio store 154.  I was directed to an associate behind the desk, and was treated to a similar response.  Did I have the Geek Squad plan?  No?  Then I should contact the manufacturer.  I told her about the manufacturer and was told that's not Best Buy's problem. Again, she was not really interested in listening to the issue.  It was just "Geek Squad? No? Contact the manufacturer." I was told that If I had the geek squad they could do something but since I did not get that they couldn't do anything for me.  I asked if Best Buy could dispose of them and was told they could not and they couldn't tell me what to do with them, just that they were my responsibility and that they were "dangerous" and "about to pop"!


Imagine that!  Best Buy sold me a faulty product from a scam manufacturer and agreed that the product was dangerous, but told me that I should take it back out into my vehicle and couldn't tell me what to do with it!  I know that batteries in this state have to be handled and disposed of in a proper way and can't just be thrown out!


At this point I got a bit frustrated and heated at the suggestion that I take a battery that was "about to pop" back into my vehicle and raised my voice to reply that I thought that was ridiculous. A few younger gentleman workers there walked over and stood behind the associate, a shout out to them for recognizing the situation and backing up their co-worker. 


I calmed myself as the associate was writing out a phone number for some corporate geek squad or something that she suggested I call.  I asked her what they might do for me or tell me that would be different than what she had told me?  She admitted not much, then broke out of her corporate, generic responses to tell me in a hushed voice:


"Honestly, you could just find a dumpster and toss them in there."


It was at this point I told her that if that was the case, I would just leave that to her, and that I was leaving.  She argued and told me that she couldn't take them and that I couldn't leave them but I left and that was that. Frankly, if you're going to tell me to just toss them in a dumpster then I'm not taking them back into my vehicle.  You all sold me a worthless drone from a junk company, the least you can do is pitch the dangerous batteries in your own dumpster for me.  I didn't get a name for the associate but I can give you more details if you would like.


I'm not sure why you would though.  At this point I'm done with y'all as a company. At my work, if we sold a product that was warratied by the company, and the company went under, and the product had a defect within the warranty, I would without hesitation do a full return on the product and would be 100% backed up by my company for it.  We stand by what we well and we stand behind our customers.  What I got from you all was no accountability at all and trying to send me out of your store with a dangerous, fire hazard product!  Insane!  All I got from you was disposal of the dangerous product because I had to physically leave it there when being told not to!  That is ridiculous to me.


I started this off by saying that I support retail but you have to offer something that the discount places don't.  What I got from Best Buy was worse service than if I had bought from some generic overseas retailer, but I paid MSRP for the pleasure.  Next time I'll buy the product at a discount from another retailer because if the product fails, I don't get support either way, but they are way cheaper.  Good luck with your business in this future environment if you continue in this way.


I would be thrilled if Best Buy would acknowledge that Yuneec is not a good brand and offered me something for my trouble since I was sold a defective product by a scam manufacturer, but I'm not expecting much at this point. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about my house catching on fire anymore. Consider this a notice about Yuneec as a company and a review of your service, and I'll appreciate my worthless drone as a reward.



Info (15:05:51 GMT) : The interaction has been transferred to Jaxon
Jaxon (15:06:01 GMT) : Hi, thanks for your patience as I see you have just been transferred to me. May I please have 2-3 minutes to review the start of this chat? My apologies on the delay.
Visitor (15:06:20 GMT) : Sure, no problem. I can explain any details you need
Jaxon (15:08:38 GMT) : Thank you for staying connected. I appreciate your patience.
Jaxon (15:09:23 GMT) : If I understand this correctly, you are facing an issue with the drone. Am I right?
Jaxon (15:09:39 GMT) : If I understand this correctly, you are facing an issue with the drone batteries. Am I right?
Visitor (15:09:49 GMT) : Correct. The batteries for the drone have begun to swell, one of them so bad that it has cracked the case
Visitor (15:10:16 GMT) : From my understanding, these batteries are dangerous and could catch fire, so I tried to contact the company Yuneec to see what I should do
Visitor (15:10:51 GMT) : Their live chat is never open. If you try to set up a call they say they have no appointments in the next month, but you can make an account and start a service request
Visitor (15:11:06 GMT) : I did that, but they did no respond for over a month and then disabled my account
Visitor (15:11:28 GMT) : If you look at comments on their social media it seems like they might be failing. Other people cannot contact them either.
Jaxon (15:12:20 GMT) : I really apologize fro the issue that you have faced. Also if the battery is swelled that can be a health hazard.
Visitor (15:12:35 GMT) : So I have batteries that I believe are dangerous and no drone and no support from the company. Any you all still appear to be selling their products, including the batteries.
Visitor (15:13:03 GMT) : So what are my options here?
Jaxon (15:13:44 GMT) : I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Please allow me to check the available options fro you.
Visitor (15:14:42 GMT) : I bought the drone April/XXX it looks like
Visitor (15:14:46 GMT) : I think this was the order BBYXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Visitor (15:15:11 GMT) : I think I bought the other batteries just in store, I don't think I have receipts
Jaxon (15:15:35 GMT) : Let me go ahead and check regarding that.
Visitor (15:17:20 GMT) : I noticed the swelling and cracking in the spring sometime before all the corona stuff but I've been trying to get thru to yuneec since then, and only just now found my account disabled and the other comments on their social media
Jaxon (15:19:18 GMT) : Thank you for staying connected. I appreciate your patience.
Jaxon (15:20:39 GMT) : As I can see under your order that it is purchased and picked at 4/25/XXX
Jaxon (15:21:13 GMT) : Also if you don't mind me asking do you have a Geek Squad protection plan on the product?
Visitor (15:22:02 GMT) : I did not have the geek squad plan, sorry. That's correct, I bought the drone then and then I bought an additional 2 batteries later but I can't find a receipt for them
Jaxon (15:23:47 GMT) : Okay if you don't have a geek squad protection plan and if you want to get it serviced for free the best option is to contact the manufacturer and if you want to resolve it I can assist you in booking an in store appointment but there will be charges.
Visitor (15:24:59 GMT) : Okay, I feel like we haven't been communicating if that is your response.
Visitor (15:25:25 GMT) : The manufacturer is not responding to any contact and seems to be AWOL
Jaxon (15:25:45 GMT) : Okay let me go ahead and try to find the contact of the manufacturer for you.
Visitor (15:25:51 GMT) : I am unable to get any kind of response from them
Jaxon (15:26:26 GMT) : Please allow me 2-3 minutes while I get that checked.
Visitor (15:26:43 GMT) : Are you all going to continue to sell dangerous products from a company that isn't responding?
Visitor (15:28:33 GMT) : I'm only contacting Best Buy now because all of my attempts to contact Yuneec have been met with no response.
Visitor (15:29:38 GMT) : Except for starting a service case with them. The did not respond to that and then disabled my account so I can't even load it anymore. But I have email confirmation of that.
Jaxon (15:33:12 GMT) : I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and I really understand that how frustrating it can be if you had a Geek Squad protection plan I would have definitely assisted you in getting the service for free. Also I would take your feedback regarding this and also you can add the feedback under our feedback page. Also regarding the manufacturer contact is XXX-XXX-XXX.
Visitor (15:33:36 GMT) : That number does not go thru
Jaxon (15:34:18 GMT) : Have you tried to email them on
Visitor (15:34:23 GMT) : It just says 'all circuits are busy, please try again later" forever
Visitor (15:34:26 GMT) : yes, no response
Visitor (15:35:57 GMT) : When I buy from a retailer like Best Buy, I'm assuming that the product will be backed up as quality, especially if I am having a safety issue.
Jaxon (15:36:03 GMT) : That's strange. They must respond as I can see from the previous customer comments on their website they have contacted the manufacturer and got a response.
Visitor (15:36:36 GMT) : What you are telling me now, is that I might as well buy from whatever discount overseas site that I can find it, because I'm out of luck either way if something goes wrong
Visitor (15:36:56 GMT) : Would you like me to link you other customers that have not been getting a response from them?
Jaxon (15:38:38 GMT) : I didn't said that I just said that the company should have responded to you as it is the matter of the quality and I really understand if it was under return and exchange policy I would have done it for you also if you had a geek squad protection plan I would have definitely booked an appointment to get it serviced for free.
Visitor (15:40:10 GMT) : Can I take these batteries to a best buy for disposal?
Visitor (15:40:24 GMT) : What am I supposed to do with a dangerous product that you sold me?
Jaxon (15:42:17 GMT) : I will suggest you to contact the manufacturer or to get it checked by our agents at in store.


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Re: You're selling a bankrupt vendor (Yuneec) + weak customer service.

I agree there is definitely an opportunity with the manner in which the information was presented, but most of the information is accurate.


1.  Outside of the return policy, it would either fall to a. Manufacturer's Warranty or b. Geek Squad Protection if purchased.  


2.  Batteries that have expanded are potentially volatile, should not be kept indoors, and should be safely disposed of.  Best Buy, like most companies that deal with servicing/batteries, do not take them as they are at risk of venting/fire.  I would recommend visiting the Call2Recyle website or your local hazardous material disposal center. 


3. Do not simply throw these in the dumpster, this is a risky manuever.


4.  I cannot speak to the current situation, as I have not looked into it,  but the company was responsive right up until the beginning of the Pandemic.  It's possible that like Best Buy, they've had to adapt their operating model for the pandemic. Prior to that, they did have an issue with one of their repair vendors but they took over and have been overseeing the repairs in house for more than a year.  I have one, broke it, and sent it in shortly before the end of 2019.  It was repaired and sent back to me without issue.


Hope this helps, perhaps the moderators know of an alternate contact method. However, everything that I've checked shows the same details as listed on their website.  The number listed is how I initiated my repair.

I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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Re: You're selling a bankrupt vendor (Yuneec) + weak customer service.



You are yet another employee that seems to have not listened to what I am saying.  Instead, you told me how it probably is based on the past when you, admittedly, did not look into it.


I'll give you a summary of the "looking into it" I've done:


If you go to this page to contact them you are given 3 options:


1)Schedule a call: They have no open blocks available, ever

2) Live chat: The Live chat is never available, ever

3)Start an Online support case.


I did 3). I opened a case and explained my issue. No response. A month later I replied again. No response.  Now if I try to open my account to see it, I get a message my account has been disabled.


If you go to their contact page here:


There is an email they never reply from.

There is a phone number that just returns the message "All circuits are busy, please try your call again later".


Check the comments on posts on their facebook page, instagram, more people who have no contact, some who have sent them drones for repair and now are getting no contact whatsoever.


So, again, telling me it falls onto manufacturer warranty with my safety issue that you sold me, without looking into it, is both annoying and downright insulting at this point.  Your company continues to amaze.


Forgive me for being curt but I would suggest that you either A) look into it and B) Please do not reply to me unless you have something productive to add.  Thank you.

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Re: You're selling a bankrupt vendor (Yuneec) + weak customer service.

These forums are open to anyone to contribute, especially on a policy question like this that comes up a few times a week here on the message boards.  I absolutely read your message and provided accurate information directly from the Returns Promise at Best Buy as well as from the recycling/trade-in intake process.  I'll reiterate the bullet points again:


Outside of the return policy, without Geek Squad Protection your options are limited through the retailer Best Buy for Manufacturer Service.


The moderators may be able to provide an alternative contact but I was not able to locate one.  I'm sure I have the same tools at my disposal that they do for vendor contacts.


There is a pandemic, which is likely affecting service availability.


Yuneec appears to be in receivership, not bankruptcy.  This means the company is still alive, and I'm sure this goes without saying:  The manufacturer administers the manufacturer's warranty.  Best Buy, as the retailer, provides a return period after which they are not part of this process and cannot dictate how the manufacturer handles said warranty. 

I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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Re: You're selling a bankrupt vendor (Yuneec) + weak customer service.

Good afternoon, nsap,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our community forums and letting us know about your experience with this drone and attempts to get assistance with this. I know if I were in your shoes I would not want to have a bulging lithium battery anywhere near my home and can understand wanting to find a solution for this. Based on the information you provided it doesn't seem like we would be able to assist you with this but I would be glad to make sure your feedback about this process gets to the right place.


Can you please provide some more details about your visit to our Best Buy Eastgate location? What date and time did you visit? Do you remember any details about the associate you spoke to? Did you have the opportunity to speak to a store manager to see if they may have been able to provide any additional options?


I'd also like to make sure our internal teams are aware of the difficulties you've had getting in touch with Yunnec. I will need some more information to do so. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number


You can send me a private message by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post. I look forward to hearing back from you so I can continue to review this for you.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: You're selling a bankrupt vendor (Yuneec) + weak customer service.

I have no confidence in your company to resolve this in any kind of satisfactory way for me so I will decline to continue further with it. I'm not interested in giving you any more of my time when I will get nothing out of it. Take my from my feedback what you will, it was more for me to get it off my chest and let this go.