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Yamaha RX-V6 Receiver - $200 less at CostCo

l just bought Yamaha's lastes receiver, RX-V6A for $599.99.  CostCo has the exact same model, except they are calling it the TSR-700 for $400, $200 less than Best Buy.  I spoke to a representative about a price match, but because the model numbers are different, Best Buy will not price match.  So I'm going over to CostCo today to buy the TSR-700 and I will be returning the RX-V6.

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Re: Yamaha RX-V6 Receiver - $200 less at CostCo

I despise it when manufacturers do that.  The 700 is designed specifically for COSTO, hence the unique model number 


I have a Yamaha AVR and it is simply amazing. 



But Yamaha did that on purpose.  Most likely because they made a special agreement with Costco to buy X number of receivers for the Holiday season.

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Re: Yamaha RX-V6 Receiver - $200 less at CostCo

The real beef is with Yamaha, not Best Buy. We don’t make the receiver, nor did we give it a throwaway model number to sell in Costco in an effort to prevent price-matching.

Best Buy’s policy on price matches is clear, has to be the same model and color in order to qualify. Even Yamaha calls it “similar”. Perhaps they are truly 100% the same model, but since Best Buy doesn’t perform teardowns of the products we sell we would have no way of confirming that. Hence why we keep it simple by stating it must be the same model and color.
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