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Worst Technical Support from the Geeks

Purchased software for digital download. Received notice that it is ready for download. Could not download it from every browser I tried. Error that the URL didn't exist and page did not exist. Called support number 888-237-8289. Once I did get an agent, he said he cannot help me! I must do a "live Chat" and they are the only ones that can help. So, I did a live chat and the Geek Squad agent said she could not resolve my problem but to call support. I told her I did and they told me to chat with you so what do I do? She put me on hold. Gave me 800-433-5778 to call. Called the new number and voila! I get back to the original Geek Squad support. They guy tells me he cannot resolve my problem. I told him then what am I to do since it says I cannot return the item. He responds, but for $39 (and some change) they can remote connect and try to troubleshoot! That really ticked me off and after my lecture he then had the nerve to tell me we can make an appointment and have someone come to my house or I could go to the store. I pretty much had it at that point so I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor then read from the same cur card . We can remote connect..... I told him I am not paying for someone to install software that anoyone can install thinking that woulkd cost me over $200 since I have a 5 PC license. I then wondered if I can't get the product how are they going to install it? Finally, after Best Buy realized they weren't going to make any more money from me, he referred me to the digital download group, of which I don't know what the number is, but if anyone has an issue like this, ask for them. They didn't actually resolve my problem but said they will email me with another link. Can't wait to get it.

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Re: Worst Technical Support from the Geeks

Hello, cdmjcdmj, and welcome to our online community!


Thanks for taking the time to explain your recent experience with our Geek Squad services here on our forum page. This is far from the experience we want our customers to have with our Agents, and I'm sorry that you had to jump through many hoops to eventually receive the assistance you were looking for with your software.


I can imagine that this process was frustrating, and I'm hoping the digital download support group will be able to assist you properly now. Please let us know here if you do not hear back from that team soon, and we'd be happy to dig into this further.



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