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Worst Customer Service Experience

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I went to Best Buy, Market place, Irving TX., where I had the worst customer service experience of my lifetime. I felt I became a victim of racial profiling.


I was there to buy gifts for family and found the pair of headphone. While waiting at the checkout counter I realized that the packaging of the product was not in perfect shape. As it was for a gift, I told Mr. Jason- cashier, that the packaging is not good and I will go back and get the other piece. I went back and found that the other pieces were the same condition.


When I went back at the cash counter and told this to the Mr. Jason, instead of apologizing about the condition of the product, he started blaming me for the damaged packaging. I tried telling him that there are more pieces on the shelf that are in a similar damaged condition, but Mr. Jason won’t listen and accused me that I had damaged the box. Mr. Jason kept on accusing me in front of the other customer and staff.


It was a direct attack on my integrity and self-respect. I called the Store manager- Mr. Michael; at first, he was also not cooperative, but when I explained him the situation, instead of apologizing for the behavior of his employee Mr. Michael asked me to walk back to check the condition of the other pieces. After checking the other items Mr. Michael realized that I was correct and all the pieces on the shelf had damaged packaging.


I expected an apology or the assurance that some kind of action will be taken to improve the behavior of the employee so that other customer doesn’t have a similar experience. I felt a victim of racial profiling and asked Store Manager Mr. Michael to log an official complaint. Mr. Michael said that there are no ways to log the complaint in the store. Mr. Michael did not even take down my name or number or provided any assurance that the action will be taken on the behavior of his employee. Instead, he said that in order to make a complaint I had to go call customer service number.


I will like to highlight this issue as it has hurt me deeply how the employee of this big organization can be so insensitive. The organization don’t have any system in place were the customer can log their grievance. These big organizations are busy making money and don’t care about customer relation, experience, and self-respect.  


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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience

Good afternoon, pankaj01854,


While I wish your visit to our Support Forums were under more fortunate circumstances, I do appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us. 


Regardless of where or how our customers choose to shop with us, we hope they’ll not only have a positive experience, but be treated with respect throughout their shopping experience.  I regret to hear your visit to our Irving, TX location ended on such a sour note, and I apologize for any frustration this experience has caused.


We take any feedback we receive from our customers very seriously here at Best Buy, and I’d like to make sure your feedback is visible to the appropriate parties, so we might improve the level of service we’re offering our customers in the future.  I’d like to gather some additional information from you, which I’ll be doing via private message.  You’ll be able to read my message by clicking on the orange envelope in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


Speak to you shortly,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience

I did not like or agree with the response from Best Buy.

I was expecting that there will be some solid action taken against the employee by making them understand that this kind of behavior toward the customer is totaly un-expectable.

But the response from Best Buy is as if they don’t care, will be waiting for something worse to happen. My feedback will kept in record for future reference.

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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience

Hello, pankaj01854,


As Sean M. shared with you we do take these kinds of matter very seriously. Formal complaints filed here at our Corporate Campus are an internal review and investigation process. The results of such aren’t able to be shared. Any corrective action taken that may be taken would be between those individual(s), their direct supervisor(s), and an HR representative. Again, we appreciate the time you’ve taken to post to us and to share more with us privately regarding your experience.



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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