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Won’t Honor Recent Price Drops

Hello, so I’m a avid movie collector and buy almost all movies exclusively from Best Buy, I am an Best Buy Elite Pro member as well. It was my understanding if something drops in price during my return grace period of 45 days I could return the item or have the price honored. This was the case in the past. So today I had about 4 movies go on sale, all of which were still inside my return period of 45 days, I simply wanted the difference back to put towards new pre orders. I was refused this and was told I have 15 days. I explained how I have 45 days with a perk of being elite pro, I simply said may I return them and just rebuy them since they are sealed still, this was met with a “sure but we won’t sell them back to you”. Can someone please explain to me what I’m supposed to do here? This doesn’t make sense to me and this entire situation really put me off from wanting to keep my elite pro going.
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Re: Won’t Honor Recent Price Drops

Hey, Skyfall,


Thanks for connecting with us on our forums! This sounds like a bit of a unique issue and I'm sorry this happened!


We would really like to take a closer look at your purchase details. Would you be able to send us a Private Message with more information? Please be sure to include the full name, email address, and phone number associated with your My Best Buy Account.

Austin|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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