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Why are you feeding the scalpers?

I just experienced another in a long line of disappointments ordering collector's items at Best Buy. This one is the Ghostbusters Ultimate Collectors 4K Set. It was not available for preorder, and not available then was sold out in mere hours the day it was made available. That is ridiculous and frustrating... there is no way to know when things will be available, you have clearly allowed multiple buys to scalpers again and now a $100 set is going for $250 on Ebay and climbing. Things should become more valuable by slowly dwindling in the market not because you have let a few buy the few copies available the moment they are available. This is a best buy exclusive... so you have once again under estimated the demand and fed the scalpers.
o you clearly could sold
So I just can't get one. I know you don't care about me or my wants but doesn't even aggravate you a little that the scalpers are getting 3 times the price on your product so you certainly could have sold a lot more units yourself.

So my question. Will you be getting more of this set? When? And how can I get one from you?

If the answer is no or I dont know.... bad answer. But then my question is a broad one... what are you doing to stop this b.s. ? As LONG TIME customer I am frustrated, again at how you are treating physical media buyers... no stock in stores, damaged mailings, and anemic product levels on things you know will sell well and do sell.

How can I get one of these sets without also feeding the scalpers you are keeping in business?
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Re: Why are you feeding the scalpers?

Your complaining to the wrong people. You need to find the distributor.. probably Sony in this case? That refused to tell bestbuy how many they would be receiving and when. They can't do preorders without knowing how many are actually shipping it they end up selling for then they will receive.
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Re: Why are you feeding the scalpers?

This wasn't a Best Buy exclusive, I bought mine from Amazon because Best Buy had reached their preorder limits.  I know that these were available at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Target for sure.  On Tuesday, the release date, Sony posted that this box set was a limited run and that they weren't making any more.  I would take nckhammond's advice and reach out to Sony.  I genuinely believe the demand is there and if everyone who still wants one reaches out to Sony, they might make more.  

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