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Where is my free PS 5

Hello, I recieved a text message from you all 2 weeks ago, thanking me for shopping from you all last year. Then as a thanks it had a link to your website and a free ps 5 drawing. I won and it sent me to a page I filled out, plus I paid 2 dollars in shipping for 2 day shipping. Here I am 2 weeks later wondering if Trump is running you guys because you are obviously having troubles doing that right
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Re: Where is my free PS 5

Best Buy would not participate in a promotion like that. If you think you've been had, you can report the fraud here:

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Re: Where is my free PS 5

Best Buy ran no such promotion.  


And if they did and were going to charge for 2 day shipping it would cost more than $2



can you post the link


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Re: Where is my free PS 5

This doesn't sound anything like a promotion ran by Best Buy.  This resembles any of the hundreds of "you won a XXXX" text scams.  I would probably lock the card used to pay the "shipping" and have a new one sent by your bank.

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Re: Where is my free PS 5

Good afternoon, Nils14,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for reaching out to us regarding this text you’ve received.  I see a few of our Super Users have already chimed in here, and I just wanted to follow up to echo their sentiments. 


Please know that Best Buy did not, and is not currently having any sweepstakes offering a free PS5, and as such, I strongly recommend contacting your bank or credit card company to not only dispute any fees you paid for shipping, but to request a replacement credit card as well.  Additionally, I would strongly recommend reviewing your purchase history for the card used, and dispute any suspicious charges on your account with the appropriate financial institution.  We also have additional information regarding different scams, and how you can protect yourself, which you’ll be able to find here.



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