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What will Best Buy do for Geek Squad customers who autorenew Kaspersky?

I purchased a laptop from Best Buy in 2012, and Kaspersky was installed on it. Geek Squad auto-renews my Kaspersky anti-virus anually. I just read that Best Buy will no longer sell Kaspersky. Can I bring my laptop in and have Kaspersky removed from my laptop and replaced with a comparable software? If so, will you refund a pro-rated portion of the most recent auto-renewal?
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Re: What will Best Buy do for Geek Squad customers who autorenew Kaspersky?

Why not just keep the Kaspersky until it expires, cancel the auto-renew, and then use a different anti-virus program from that point forward?  Kaspersky is still a great anti-virus program, despite the overblown "ERMAHGERD, RUSHER!" hype going around nowadays.

I DO NOT work for Best Buy. I used to be a Geek Squad Agent for 2 years and this is why I am well versed on their policies and procedures, but I do not work for them anymore. My posts are my own opinions and do not represent any opinions of Best Buy. If you do not like my posts, and want to report me, you can do so by clicking this link and reporting me to the moderators.
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As reported by Reuters your company has pulled Kaspersky Lab's cyber security products from its shelves and website as of 9/08/17. On the same date you renewed my Kaspersky security automatically without notifying me of your lack of confidence in this company. A company in which your employees recommended to me to keep my computer and my information safe. At this point I would like to ask for a total refund of this product and a one year subscription free of charge of a replacement product that you would recommend. I have trusted your company's recommendations in the past and see this situation as a possible oversight. Your prompt reply to my concerns is requested.

Rodney S.




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Boycott until return Kaspersky!

Shame on best buy for using political pretext and taking bribes from Kaspersky Antivirus Lab competitors to ban Kaspersky - the most competitive product from best buy shops!

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Re: What will Best Buy do for Geek Squad customers who autorenew Kaspersky?

Boycott BestByy until they lift the ban on the best antivirus in the world - Kaspersky!

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Re: What will Best Buy do for Geek Squad customers who autorenew Kaspersky?

"The software vendor [h]as repeatedly denied having ties to any government, Russian or otherwise, but members of the U.S. intelligence community and Congress have nonetheless made comments in recent months implying something’s amiss: the heads of the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency said in May they’d be uncomfortable with running Kaspersky products on their computers, and a Democratic member of Senate’s Foreign Relations, Appropriations, Armed Services and Small Business Committees recently said they’ll soon offer legislation prohibiting the federal government from doing business with the firm."

I doubt they will, that's pulled directly from a Washington Times article on it. I doubt they would given that, simply from a business standpoint it doesn't make sense to maintain use of a program that could cause issues down the line. While I agree it's unlikely there'd be an issue, if there ever was and Best Buy kept the program people would be pulling these articles as reasons Best Buy should have discontinued the partnership. It's a tough decision and from corporate standpoint it makes sense to discontinue the relationship for now. Apparently it wasn't a bridge-burning event as both companies have said the relationship could be reevaluated in the future, so maybe some day they'll work together again. But as it stands, it's prudent given the scrutiny to pull the product.
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Re: What will Best Buy do for Geek Squad customers who autorenew Kaspersky?

I just read the news today. Interesting that Best Buy hasn't contacted any of the registered subscribers. I read this:


Best Buy will allow customers who are already using Kaspersky products, and who still have active subscriptions, to exchange it for free within the next 45 days, Star Tribune reported. They can also uninstall it themselves or have the Geek Squad do it for free within that window.

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Re: What will Best Buy do for Geek Squad customers who autorenew Kaspersky?

HI ,


The best antivirus in the world are most valid & Trusty Security Companies Same Webroot , Symantec , McAfee , Trend Micro .


Kaspersky is only Ads & Media Company and try sell products with Deception .


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What is Best Buy's Policy on Replacing Kaspersky Software?

There's so much confusion and misunderstanding about Best Buy's policy on replacing the Kaspersky software it sold - even Geek Squad chat has no idea. I wish Best Buy would put something official on its website.


My understanding is that Best Buy offered to replace Kaspersky Antivirus and Kaspersky Internet Security purchased from or renewed by Best Buy or Geek Squad for a period of 45 days commencing September 8, 2017. Is this a fact?


If it is a fact, what is the procedure I must follow to perform the exchange (or will Best Buy publish the procedures on its website?)

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Re: What is Best Buy's Policy on Replacing Kaspersky Software?

Here's what I did:


I chatted with Geek Squad and politely explained my situation then asked what would be the proper procedure to follow.


They looked up my account and saw that I did, in fact, purchase Kaspersky software at Best Buy. It helps that I have a Best Buy account - makes it easy for proof of purchase.


The agent said that for now, they are taking people's names and contact information and assigning reference numbers to each one. A Geek Squad agent is supposed to contact me in the future to make the arrangements.


This whole thing sounds a little crazy to me. If Best Buy decides to cut ties with Kaspersky, that's Best Buy's choice. But why do they feel they need to replace their customer's Kaspersky purchases? Is Best Buy in some kind of legal trouble if they don't exchange the software? Or are they trying to appear patriotic as a marketing decision? It just doesn't make sense.


Personally, I'm not so concerned about Russian spying that I would pay to replace my Kaspersky Internet Security. But if Best Buy will give me a free replacement I'm okay with it.