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What defines a family today?

Were you ever about to pull into a parking spot at your local Best Buy Store only to look up and see a sign that reads “Reserved for Family Parking”? I have, again today at my local Best Buy Store in Eden Prairie MN. So it got me thinking, the year is now 2019 and a “Family” can be defined in many different ways, for example: my partner and I consider ourselves a family, so do my “married” lesbian friends, and my gay friends with kids, I don’t won’t to exclude other family I know including my siblings and friends who are both married (to opposite sex mates and have grown children, are they or are they not still considered a family? So why is it last week when my partner and I parked “our family” in this space reserved for “families” did people walk by and glare and give us funny looks. Best Buy, isn’t the world full of enough hate that you must give the general public another reason to hate one another allowing people to fill in their definition of “family”? I ask you to please remove the signs immediately, after all, your company has had no problems taking the at least the $6K we have spent at Best Buy alone this year alone and I only kindly ask for some respect when we park our vehicles. If you really wanted to offer special parking maybe parking for your Elite Rewards customers? we surly would be able to park close then. Ken
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Re: What defines a family today?

You should probably reach out to the individual store - my current Best Buy, and the previous 2 Best Buys I frequented never had these signs. It may be a store specific thing.

I am not a forum moderator nor voice of corporate. One of the corporate moderators will be with you as soon as they can for the official response from Best Buy. The forums work on a first come, first serve basis and it can take a while for a response.
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Re: What defines a family today?

Neither of the two Best Buy stores I worked at in the past had a "Family Parking" sign, but I have seen other retailers with reserved spots for vehicles with handicap placards, as well as pregnant mothers. I'm willing to bet a couple bucks that this sign referred to the latter audience. My experience of Best Buy is one of inclusion and love; I'm very disheartened other people made you feel this way.

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Re: What defines a family today?

It was probably intended for families with small children.  


However this is reaching a little far for something to get excited about.  Maybe reading into it a little much. Go ahead and park there if it upsets you too much. It is a sign to encourage people to be a little courteous.  The sad part is that these days people need to be encouraged to do the courteous thing. 


There is a sign at some local Coborns says reserved for Veterans 

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Re: What defines a family today?

The ONLY signs that are enforcable are handicap ones. The maternity, family, veterens, seniors, compact car only signs are just a niceity and WILL NOT be enforced by the police. Heck I parked my F350 crew cab dually in a compact car spot (ironically at a Best Buy) to pick a 75" tv up. Yes it fit the stall. Yes I had some clown get ticked off but he could park his prius in the open stall 2 cars down. Yes I told him go ahead and call the police and I gave him the number to dispatch. I WONT park right in front of the doors blocking the roadway in the fire lane like I see some people do.


As long as they are not handicap stalls, park in any one you want. 

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Re: What defines a family today?

As others have stated, it appears you may be looking to far into the sign. If you feel you should park there, go ahead and park there. I don't see a problem.