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Weird Gift Card Scenario, Need Assistance ASAP!

Hello! I'll try my best to make this as clear and concise as I can without giving away any PII or taking up your whole day! Your customer service kind of put us in a weird spot and we're now left empy handed, temporarily I hope. (To be frank, they did not handle our case very well. I think they broke protocol, but then left us in la la land because of it.) To preface, I bought a gift at Best Buy using my credit card, but shipped in my husbands name. Minds changed, my husband did a gift return (he had the receipt) on saturday night (4/16) at a local best buy. He informed me that the gift card he received had all the numbers scratched off already (including the pin, but not the first 4 digits.) He was pretty paranoid about this and he told me he informed the cashier but she said it was fine. We've heard the gift card scam story a million times, and it sounded like we were about to become a part of it.

The following day, my husband called your customer service line because he wanted the gift card reissued and mailed before the balance was stolen by someone else. We also have another gift card that he got from doing a gift return (without receipt) like 3-4 months ago. He asked the customer service rep if she could reissue one card with the combined balances (for convenience). She put us on hold and then told us both cards have now been marked as lost/stolen and that they will be reissued, but that she could not combine them. I'm not sure if he should have done this, (I think he complicated the situation more by doing this), but he asked them to reverse the lost/stolen initiation on the cards so that he could take care of it himself. (His plan was to buy something greater than the cards value, and then return the item to get one gift card back.) Anyways, the lady on the phone said that it would be reversed in 4 hours.

He called back yesterday (4/15) to enquire about them and after spending an hour on the phone with them, they told him that it could not be reversed as he was not the original purchaser of the gift cards. He told me that they basically told him "too bad" and had that kind of attitude. They didn't reassure him at all that he would get his money back. They just acklowedged that the money was frozen in the system but didn't and couldn't guarantee that he would ever get it back. They said that he needed to be careful with gift cards as they are exactly like cash, when they are gone, they are gone. Excuse me? I'm sorry, but that is not how you treat a customer. That is how you lose business. Also you guys are the ones who froze them, (on my husbands request). I wasn't home at the time to talk on the phone, but I got an angry text from him shortly after.

So here we are, out about $760 in Best Buy gift cards (between the two cards) and not one of your employees can promise that we'll ever get it back. He did eventially say that a lady told him that they would probably both be mailed out since they were both marked as frozen, but that she couldn't guarantee it. If what she said is true, then that is totally fine. We will wait the 10-14 days that he was quoted. But I can't help but share the feel of uneasiness with my husband that in 10-14 days, we could still have nothing and Best Buy just made off with $760 dollars, esentially stolen from one of their customers.

This is what my husband recounted to me. I could sense his frustration, and to be honest, it's well-deserved frustration. If a mod could please look into this and give us some peace of mind. Waiting 10-14 days with uneasiness doesn't sound like fun. I don't want it to be a maybe we'll get them, I want to know that we will get them. If we can get a confirmation that these will be re-issued to us in the mail, I would be so grateful. We have both gift cards in hand. My husband still has the receipt he was given with the giftcard from Saturday. He doesn't have the reciept from the second giftcard, (the one he got from doing a no-receipt return 3-4 months ago.) I hope some level of frustration comes across in this post. We aren't shady people. We are honest customers that were put into a weird situation. If a mod would reach out, I can give specific information, card numbers, whatever. Thanks!

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Re: Weird Gift Card Scenario, Need Assistance ASAP!

Good morning, parish19, 


I could certainly understand why you'd register with the Best Buy forums to ask us for help with the gift cards you're speaking about.  You bet I'd like to help out as much as I possibly can, but I cannot promise any outcome without first reviewing your account information.  

Do me a favor and send me your full name, phone number, email address, the gift card full number (*no pin please), any case ID numbers, shipping address, and anything else you feel would allow me the chance to get brought up to speed the quickest!  Please click the blue button in my signature line below to send your information in a private message.  This will keep it away from the public eye!  

I'll be sure to keep an eye on my inbox for your reply and I'm looking forward to working with you very soon!

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