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WORST experience I have ever had

I went to the best buy in Hyannis, MA in the Cape Cod Mall today... needless to say I will never use best buy for anything ever again. What was suppose to be a simple screen replacement through my apple care coverage (which apple set the appointment up for me) turned into an absolute nightmare. Yesterday 10/1 I went to best buy's Geek Squad for my appointment at 1120- well after waiting for 20 minutes someone finally helped me. After the customer service rep was helping me, he would leave in between to assist whatever else that needed assisting. SO after 40 minutes I was told my phone would not be done for 3 hours ( after apple told me it was only an hour repair). I opted to make an appointment for the following day because i had to be to work at 3 an hour away from best buy. Next day i show up (5 mins early) to my 1220 appointment. well after about 30 minutes of the same thing and paperwork i had already completed the day before, they took the phone and told me they would call me when the repair was done. 3 hours later ( the time they are alotted for a screen fix) i go back to find out whats taking so long. Well they tell me the screen is fixed but they cannot release the phone to me because there is a "hold" from apple but they dont even know what the hold is or what it means. ANYWAYS i contact apple while at the store and they tell them they should receieve something to release it - best buy guy comes back to tell me apple gave me the run around and my phone wont be done... Finally after 6 hours of run arounds, calling apple and whatever else i ask to speak with a manager- manager also cant believe i had been waiting for 6 hours.. they go back their for 30 minutes to tell me there is stilla hold nothing they can do. Anyways i left as it was almost 7pm. Get to the nearest phone and call apple they are working on it they say- call best buy back and ask if its been released to possibly pick up before they close at 9- they were the RUDEST on the phone and told me i can expect my phone tomorrow or friday and that this is the normal for a fix like this with an apple care claim. Needless to say I am super unhappy with all parties involved and my phone is being hostage. ETA of phone being retured- nobody knows. Not only is this just a super inconvience in general but there are some seriously important things i need on my phone for work and there is also an app i pay my rent through. I will never go back to best buy for any product or service.

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Re: WORST experience I have ever had

Hello, fitzsabrinam,


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We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality customer service available but it sounds like we missed the mark here. I do apologize for the inconvenience and I'd love to get this over to the right people so it can be reviewed and handled accordingly. To get started, I simply ask that you shoot us a private message with your full name and phone number and I'll ensure this gets over to someone on the leadership team.



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