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This is not just one aspect of Best Buys customer service. This includes Online, Store and Phone customer services. 


First I spent two hours trying to purchase a printer online, which is not In-stock at any of the local stores. Tried using chat to order, after 30 minutes they gave me the 888-237-8289 number.


I got through to a printer specialist (after 7 minute wait). They asked me what I was looking for, I gave them the sku # of printer and said that I would like shipped to local store. She said “hold please” and hung up on me. 


Called 888-237-8289 again (another 7 minute wait), the representatives first language is not English. I gave him my Best Buy information (DO NOT KNOW WHY IT WAS NEEDED), after another 10 minutes of him looking up my information. Told him I want to order printer and shipped to local store. He then proceeds to tell me the store does not have it and nearest store is 4.5 hours away. Explained to him I would like it ordered and shipped to local store……. Asked for a supervisor, but one is not available for another 2 hours….


Tried calling local store and it has now pushed me into the same bull as the 888 number above. Currently on hold for 30 minutes. This is now 4 hours of wasted time with Best Buy. Getting customer service is not an item with your computer animated phone system.


I will purchase this product from a competitor. Once Best buy credit card is paid off, my family and myself will no longer require the services of Best Buy! If I get "SORRY FOR YOUR INCONVENIENCE OR WE APOLOGIZE," I will spend more time posting this to ANY social media!
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Welcome to our community, JBA2U.


As you've requested in the last paragraph of your missive, I will dispense with the usual pleasantries.


You did mention that, at the time of your writing, you had been waiting on hold with your local. Were you able to ultimately get through and find a resolution for this issue?


In any event, I will ensure your remarks are made available to our corporate teams for review. I'm grateful you took the time to share your experience. Best Buy cannot hope to improve in meaningful wait without the input of our valued customers.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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After 5 hours trying to order online, phone and trying to call a local store. I bought my needs at a competetor, with the intent to never deal with Best Buy again!


Have someone above management call the Customer Support. Even try to contact a local store.


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Good evening, JBA2U,


Thank you for taking the time to follow up with us. I'm glad you were able to place this order even if it wasn't with Best Buy.


I hope we have the opportunity to assist you with another purchase in the future. If you need help at that time, please don't hesitate to let us know.



AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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I ordered 2 items, one was an Xbox1 gamepad and second was a $20 pencil set for my daughters birthday. Gamepad was billed and shipped, pencils had a billing error cant ship. I called customer service and asked: "How is it half my order bills and ships and the other half doesnt?" Rep told me the pencils were third party or some nonsense, and my billing info couldnt be used. The rep claimed after an hour that he fixed it and i would get a confirmation email within 8 hours. 1.5 days later, no email, order not processed. Talked to customer service again, 1 hour later still not fixed and no answer how half an order gets billed and other half doesnt. I cancelled the order and ordered the pencils from Walmart, billed, charged and shipped, i was online for 3 minutes. Got to the destination in 3 days. BestBuy is an inept company, and i would not ever use them again. Worst experience ive ever had with an online service, inept system, inept customer service, inept company. Useless.