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Using gift card to pay for Verizon phone.

Can you use a Best Buy gift card to pay the 24 month device payments? If not can you use a gift card to buy the phone outright?

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Re: Using gift card to pay for Verizon phone.

Purchasing new phone is something I alwasy look forward to.


When you purchase a phone at Best Buy you have the option of paying the full price for the phone. 

At that time you should be able to use rewards points and or gift cards.  However, check the details with your gift card or rewards first to see what is excluded.


If you choose to make the 24 months worth of payments you will actually be making those to the carrier and not Best Buy as part of your phone contract. 

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Re: Using gift card to pay for Verizon phone.

Hey, AlvinPalmer, 


bobberuchi just about nailed it. When purchasing a new phone there is a variety of ways to do so! For example, if you are purchasing an unlocked phone, you should totally be able to use your gift card. If you are taking advantage of one of the financing options, such as Verizon Device Payments, you may not be able to use your gift card. 


For the exact details on purchasing a phone and available payment methods, please drop into one of our stores where one of our associates would love to assist! 

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