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Re: Geek Squad Annual Support

They package together, the Total Tech Support cannot be purchased without an antivirus.  It is true that they ring up on separate lines, but while you can walk in and buy antivirus by itself the same does not apply for the Total Tech Support.

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Microsoft Office 365 Personal Yearly

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I purchased this 4 or 5 years ago.  Each year around August 19th I get charged for the renewal.  Last year I was charged, within a month my microsoft accounts said I did not have an active account.  I reached out to Best Buy via phone and I was told to call Microsoft.  I reached out to Microsoft via phone and they said that its a Best Buy specific product that Best Buy supports that.  I reached out via Facebook, Twitter, phone and chat not a single person has been able to help me figure out why my Microsoft package isn't working even though I paid $75.80 for the year.

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Aug 24, 2019
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If there is anybody out there that can get this working or get me a refund I would appreciate it.  I have been working in an office that has Microsoft.  Monday I will be opening my own business and I need Microsoft then.  Please email me if you can help.  {removed per forum guidelines}
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Re: Unknown credit card charge

I too have a credit card charge that I dont recognize:


BESTBYCOM805701427561 888BESTBUY MD 55423 US  $ 105.99


I called Best Buy customer service.  They did a search on my phone number, email address, credit card # and could not find this transaction.  Very strange...........any help would be appreciated



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Re: Renewal for what

I don't know what this charge of 50 some bucks for renewal is for.  My service renewal is in oct/nov and is 100.00  what is happening her please.

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Worst Customer Service Ever!!

I made a $4,000 purchase back in May 2018, and got $420 in reward certificates and $100 gift card.  Then on June 14, 2018 I made another purchase for $523.96 and used all the reward certificates and gift card.  Then on June 18, 2018 I returned one of the items that I had purchased online (the Hoover Vacuum) to a store but the sales rep only gave me a refund of $26.79 on a gift card, and said that the remaining amount would be credited to my best buy account.  The total of my return was $134.99.  I was just going through my account and realized that they had posted another reward certificate to my account for $100, not even the remaining amount of $108.20.  I just called customer service to see if they can re-issue my award because it had expired and they refused to do it.  Customer service said they can't re-issue gift cards.  Well, how about issuing a new one and giving me my money.  I don't even have the product anymore.  I returned it and never got my money.   


This was money that I got after returning an item.  And they won't even give me the money back, just because my gift card had expired.  This should be done as a one-time courtesy at least.  What a rip off!!!  This is like someone going to any store, returning an item, and not getting their money back.  


Best Buy owes me $108.20.  This is a rip off!!!


Also, on May 26, 2018 I purchased the Web Root and Total Tech Support when I had made that large $4,000 purchase.  On May 26, 2019 I called Best Buy to cancel the subscirption for both Web Root and Total Tech Support because I noticed that they were automatically renewing.  Now that I have time on my hands due to COVID, I was going through my credit card statements and noticed that Best Buy only credited me back for the $29.99 that was renewed on May 26, 2019, but never credited me back for the $170 for Total Tech Support that renewed on May 26, 2019 as well.  I called Customer Service to see what happened and to request that they cancel it and refund me back the $170 and they also refused because it was renewed back in May 26, 2019.  


How is this my problem!?!?!?  I called back in May 2019 and asked that they both be cancelled and refunded and only Webroot was cancelled.  What a joke!!


Best Buy is a complete joke and rip off in so many ways!I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.  



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Unexplained charge from BestBuy Renew Richfield MN

I bought a laptop in February. Since then, I've had two or three charges on my credit card statement for $8.99 from the Bestbuy Renew. I didn't sign up for anything or authorize a charge each month for $8.99, but don't know what it is or how to get rid of it. It might not seem like a lot, but I don;t want $9 taken out of my acct every month for something I don't even know I'm paying for!


Please assist Smiley Happy thank you.

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Un aurhrized charges

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  SInce jan  2020 there is unathorized charges on my  debit thru my bank  , I just noticed this , this am 

   I have not purchased , not bought , not subscribed to anything  qeek squad  or best buy  , I want this looked into 

and no more charges out of my account  .. NONNNNNN 

Thanks sherry {removed per forum guidelines} 

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Two identical charges on my credit card on 4/10/20 for $53.11 each.


Appears on your Citibank Credit Card (Citi® / AAdvantage® Gold) statement as BESTBUY RENEWA00015784 RICHFIELD MN on Apr 10

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Re: Unauthorized best buy renewal charge

I got charged 210 DOLLARS... 210!!! I don’t just want to cancel it, I want a REFUND
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authorized bank deduction

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I've received a bank account deduction for $219.79 from Best Buy Renewal Richfield, MN  4/27/20 

I did not authorized these deduction and I'm requesting credit for that amount to be returned to my account ASAP

Due to COVID-19 problems we are unable to afford any miscellanous purchases at this time. 

Please terminate this recurring charge. 


Advise ASAP 


Thank you 


Dave {removed per forum guidelines}