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Re: unauthorized charge by Total Tech Support

I'm going to assume that you meant the charge came in on 1-4-2021 based on this "I have not made any puchases from best buy in the last months."  I'm also not used to writing the new year and constantly correct myself.  If this is not correct, know that you may need to look back additional years on that 1-4-2021 anniversary.


Total Tech Support is a renewing plan for tech support through Best Buy.  It comes with many perks, including discounted Home Theater Services, Virus Removal, Operating System Reinstallation, etc.  For the full details, you can read about it here:


It renews on the anniversary of the initial activation and would have been acknowledged at the time of purchase using a signature pad in store or through  You can log into and under your account it will show your active subscriptions.  Looking through your purchase history via, you should be able to find the transaction on or around January 4th, 2020.  Because banks don't all process charges at the same speed, it will appear in a small window around that time. Since it came out of your checking account, it would have most likely been activated using your debit card for that account. 


If you wish to cancel, you can call 1-888-BestBuy.  They can also assist with finding the purchase for you, but its much faster using the method above.  Due to COVID-19 and holiday traffic, the phone wait is longer than normal. 

I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
***Know that I am not able to issue official responses and that my posts are only here to help before an official response is offered by a Best Buy Social Media Specialist***
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Unaddressed issue- Formal Complaint regarding Philo subscription

Would like further assistance on this issue that I have discussed with two of your reps and posted before with absolutely no response.


Purchased a TV antenna from back in Oct.  With the purchase came a 30 Day Philo Subscription.  When I received the email to activate, I choose not to (I tried it last year and was not impressed).  Email indicated upon activation I would be subscribed for the 30 days then auto pay each additional month.  Because I did not redeem this, I assumed nothing more needed to be done.


One month later I see a charge on my card from Best Buy for Bestbuyrenewal.  Contacted Best Buy and spoke to rep who advised it was an auto payment for a Philo Subscription.  I advised I did not activate this and wanted it cancelled along with refund.  Rep said 24-48 hours.


Chatted with a another rep three days later who advised it was cancelled but no refund was provided nor will be provided.  Advised me it was because it was different system and they can't refund from a subscription system.  Said they understood how I felt but nothing else can or will be done.  They said they even spoke to a supervisor who said no refund nor best buy credit will or can be provided.


Here is the obvious troubling concerns. 


-A "promotion" being provided to a user that needs activation, but still charges the user when its not redeemed or activated.    

-The payment be automatically charged to a credit card saved in my best buy profile, without my authorization to charge. 

-A company unable to issue a refund nor store credit for an obvious deceptive tactic and willing to lose a customer of 25 years over this


Its insane that something like this is considered legal or ethical by your organization and if you consider this a viable and appropriate way to treat customers, then I will no longer consider Best Buy in any of my purchases, small or large and will use this experience to discuss with others who are considering Best Buy to purchase their items. 


I would appreciate any assistance you could provide

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Webroot auto-renewal

I've had no issues (that I know of)  over the years using Webroot antivirus.

Best Buy's business model used to allow for a countdown of days remaining on the Webroot susbscription.

Now it seems that they just do an annual auto renew without a heads-up.  Lots of changes for all of us in 2020.

Best Buy accessed a credit card I had in hibernation.  I called and asked them to simply refund that card and

I'd give them a different one.  They did that, but.....they said they had to cancel my Webroot and now could only

offer it at the new (about double) price.  They directed me to go online and I (thought) found the Webroot at the

old price.  But it turned out to be for 6 months, rather than 12.  So....I asked them to cancel that purchase and refund

the credit card.

Their response....they did not refund the card but mailed me a Best Buy card for the same dollar amount.  Why would

they think I'd be interested in buying ANYTHING from them again.  A horrible business model.  Just rude!

If I were the CEO of Best Buy the business model top-down, upper management to the employees wearing 

blue shirts, would be the customer comes first.  Do everything to keep a customer and hopefully get referrals to

gorw the business.  They practice the opposite.  

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Total Tech Support

I was charged last Sunday for the amount of $199.99 on my credit card. If this is any type of service then I don’t need another year renewed. Very strange, I don’t know what I’m paying for, actually. I would like a customer service team member to reach out to me about this charge via email. Thanks