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Unrequested bill

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Dear Sirs,

On Sept. 26 of last year I purchased a laptop computer, order # {removed per forum guidelines}. It had an opt-in provision for antivirus aoftware.

I never opted in.


On Mar. 25, my credit card was charged $54.59 with the heading BEST BUY RENEWAL MN RICHFIELD. I have not purchased anything else that would fit that time frame, so I assume this is a renewal for the anti-virus that I never asked for. 

I do not even have that laptop any more. Please cancel this charge.



David {removed per forum guidelines}

{removed per forum guidelines}

member # {removed per forum guidelines}

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Cancel My Webroot Please

I'm trying to cancel my subscription to Webroot. 


I was given the option of signing into my account to cancel, or calling. 


The wait time for calls is 90 minutes. 


I have no bestbuy account, and when I created one there was of course no record of my webroot purchase. 


There is no way to just email someone with Bestbuy. That is ridiculous. 


Are there any Best Buy employees here who understand this horrible system better than I do, and might be able to help me out? 

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Office 365 Cancelling Subscription

So I've spent hours already trying to figure this one out and from what I can tell it makes absolutely no sense. I was given an Office 365 Personal subscription as a gift last year, and now I'm trying to Upgrade from Personal to Home so other family members can use it as well as they're doing school from home these days. I'm finding it impossible to do this as I login to my Microsoft account and click manage:


Which takes me here:


I called in, waited an hour for a call back to be told that there was nothing that there was nothing she could do, and that she had to send it back to the finance depatment for approval. Meanwhile I'm still sitting here unable to upgrade to Home. So does this sound right? Because the person I spoke to made it seem like the cancellation through the finance department wasn't a sure thing and couldn't provide any insight as to a timeline or what to do if it isn't approved. I don't even care about getting any sort of credit against the remaining number of days, I just want this cancelled so I can get my family members on this at the group price. Any advice would be great. 


Never in my life did I think that I was going to spend so much time simply trying to give Microsoft money. For anyone reading this, don't buy Office through Best Buy this process is ridulous, go straight to the source. I've learned my lesson and I'll never be doing this again.

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Charge on my card

Was charged $53.74 on my credit card for best buy renewal, richfield,MN. New authorized this nor wanted it. Please refund my money.
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Cancelling Total Tech Support

My Total Tech Support has been auto renewed as of yesterday. I don’t need this service any more and want to cancel it. I was unable to find my subscription information in my Best Buy app or get hold of a customer service agent via phone.

How can I cancel the Total Tech Support when Best Buy cannot even be reached at all? Dispute through my bank?
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webroot undue renewal

I am contacting you because I do not recognize the charge made last night regarding the renewal of the WEBROOT service.
Under the terms and conditions, as well as in the Canbridge store salesperson's word, the service would be charged if I activated and installed the application. I never installed or activated it. The charge, therefore, is undue.
I request immediate action regarding the cancellation of the charge.

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Re: webroot undue renewal

The cool think is that the sales person made a accout form me... a I did know it....

He put a phone number that I don't know... and the Service Care from Best Buy is telling me that I can't do nothing without this number. LOL

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Right now I am livid

About a month ago I sent Best Buy Geek squad an email telling them not to bill me and update Office 365 because the computer is not wokring and is copletely dead. 


I am in Ecuador and communication is not easy. 


Well, of coure they billed me. I want the money back since the computer cannot be used, but of course there is no way to get in touch wit them. 


Funny how because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, hours are shortened and personnel is cut but there was still the ability to rip me off for over $100. 


As I mentined, I am down here in Ecuador and cannot get back to the states to fix this. But I want my money back!

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Re: webroot undue renewal

The renewal is started at the time of purchase, not when the product is installed.

Do you not have access to the Best Buy account the Webroot is under?
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Re: webroot undue renewal

That’s a rewards account, it’s free and is required for everything where address and phone number are needed. This includes receipt tracking, home delivery, dotcom orders, Geek Squad Protection plans, Total Trch Support, etc., etc.

Pretty sure the terms say that the trial starts the day of purchase and renewals will automatically go to the form of payment used on the transaction. It’s been a few months since I rang one up, but that’s what I recall from the thousands of transactions.
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