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Unprofessional staff at Rogers location.

Over the last several months I have visited the store in Rogers, Arkansas and have noticed several unprofessional tendencies. For starters, inappropriate behavior from a customer service employees. One employee in particular- a little blonde girl with glasses can often be seen whispering into male coworkers ears with barely an inch between them- making me & other customers uncomfortable. Then you have who I believe to be a female manager (Referred to as “Santana”) that stands around and does nothing for the majority of her shift....every shift. I’ve heard from the younger males that work in inventory and as salesman specifically that she is “creepy” makes them “uncomfortable” and “stares at them while they try to work”. She also goes as far as to complete training assignments/seminars by answering questions FOR employees so they get participation points...displaying not only cheating, but favoritism as well- as I am sure she doesn’t cheat for all other employees. I’ve walked by AP several times to see them on their phone or staring up at the ceiling....which makes me think they don’t take their job or anyone else’s seriously. Moving on to other members of management: we have the older man with the long beard (Burkland/Berklin?) who I have heard blatantly and deliberately belittle his employees for minor mistakes and inconveniences. I know several employees who work at this facility and it’s extremely disheartening the things I see with my own eyes and the things I hear about outside of the building. The store may benefit from corporate review to ensure that the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is everything is could and should be. This is not a social club nor is it a place for management to play out their weird God complexes. Best regards, Cassie.
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Re: Unprofessional staff at Rogers location.



Thank you for taking the time to register with the Best Buy forums to share your feedback with us, we truly appreciate the post!  It certainly sounds like you've established a close connection with the store you've referring to and I'm sorry you're not receiving the expert service Best Buy is hoping to provide every customer who walks through their doors. Normally speaking, a moderator would be by within the next few business days to take a closer look into this for you.  They do work out of the Corporate Headquarters. 

Have a wonderful day!

I am a CAR Geek Squad Autotech, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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Re: Unprofessional staff at Rogers location.

Hi there, Cassieadams17,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums and thank you for taking the time to write in to us.

When any of our members visit our stores, we expect nothing less than a positive experience. We're sad to hear that this has happened, as we want everyone to feel welcomed into our stores. We apologize that this has not been that case during your recent visits, as I can understand that it hasn't lined up with our service expectations. We genuinely thank you for sharing this with us, as it provides us with the opportunity to grow and learn. 

Although we'd be unable to provide direct updates regarding this, please know that we have notified the appropriate parties regarding your feedback and concerns. If I could assist in any other way at this time, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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