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Unprofessional Customer Service

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Good afternoon - 

We visited the Grapevine, Texas Best Buy on October 7, 2018.  We proceeded to the customer support desk to inquire about returning a RING doorbell that was a gift to my daughter.  This device was a GIFT for her new home to ensure her security and peace of mind in her new home.  The device was opened by her to install it to the door.  This device will not fit her door frame and this was not known before opening the device.  We have the previous version which is skinny at our home and would fit in the space allowed on her door.  The initial customer service rep was not able to assist us and was indignant towards us when we asked to return the device.  All she would repeat was 'the box is open you can not return'.  She would not listen to the issue.  I asked to speak to a manager and she took a breath and huffed away.  A Connection Manager, SLY {removed per forum guidelines}, appeared and again would not listen to us and treated us as if we were an inconvenience.  All he would repeat was 'the box is open - no returns'.  I asked for the policy where we could find this and he said ONLINE and proceeded to turn away.  I asked to see the policy because my daughter could only find this policy 

We will provide you store credit for the purchase price of a gift you return in store. For gifts returned via mail, we will credit the gift purchaser and notify them via email.

We could not find anything while we stood there about opened/unopened products.  

Sly proceed to try to find the policy he referred us to.  We waited 15 minutes for him to produce a policy titled: Returns and Exchanges SOP 2018 page 11 of 26.  I can not find this policy he produced on my own.  It appears to be an internal policy manual and not one readily available to the public.  Sly handed me the policy and refused any further discussion.

I am asking for assistance to return the device for a smaller one to install for my daughter in her home for security purposes.  It is not in the budget to purchase one at this time.  Can you please assist?  Thank you!

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Re: Unprofessional Customer Service

Hello dillfamilyintex,


Welcome to our community. There is never a circumstance where our store associates and managers should be anything but respectful of you and our other customers. Certainly what you have described does not represent the superior customer experience to which we aspire and I apologize for our having disappointed you.


As you may know, Best Buy's Return & Exchange Promise allows for the return or exchange of most products within 15 days of purchase (30 days for My Best Buy Elite members and 45 days for Elite Plus members). Outside those time frames Best Buy cannot offer a return or exchange. Gift purchases fall within this policy.


With that being said, I'd like to look into this further for you, but will need some additional information to begin. If you will please send me a private message that includes the following, I’ll do my best to help:


  • Your full name
  • Your telephone number
  • Your email address
  • The Customer Service PIN from the gift purchase receipt, or
  • The order number for the gift purchase


To send me a private message, please click the button labeled "Private Message" in my signature below. 


I look forward to hearing from you.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Unprofessional Customer Service

We have not come to a resolution. We do not have a 'gift receipt' as the device was a gift. I am assuming that there will not be a resolution based on previous comments from the store and email.
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Re: Unprofessional Customer Service

Hi dillfamilyintex,

I have received the private message you just sent in and am sending you a reply. If you could please check that and get back to me with the requested details, I’d be happy to look into the purchase for you. 


Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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