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Unethical/Poor Service

I am a long time customer and enthusiastic supporter of Best Buy, having spent many thousands of dollars between my personal and business technology needs. But I have recently had a couple of customer service incidents that have made me question the integrity of your company, and prompted me to take my business elsewhere. 1) I purchased a humidifier that was on sale, only to get it home and find that it didn't work. When I brought it back to the store to exchange it a few days later, they told me that it was no longer on sale, and that I would have to pay the price difference in order to exchange the defective unit. Completely ludicrous. I had to argue with store management for several minutes to get them to replace the defective appliance without paying the price difference, which after much consternation and aggravation on my part, they finally agreed to do. 2) I purchased a Samsung phone and warranty from our local Best Buy. The phone had an obvious and common manufacturer screen defect that appeared several months later, so I brought it back to the store, and they told me that it was still under the manufacturer warranty, and that I should wait until the manufacturer warranty expired (since they do not provide you with a replacement phone), and then use my Best Buy warranty for a replacement phone. I agreed. I returned several months later to do so, only to discover that my Best Buy warranty had expired literally 8 days prior to my visit (today). Now I understnad that technically my warranty had expired, by 8 whole days, but when the issue is cleary a manufacturers defect, and the phone and the warranty were purchased at your store, to deny coverage and then attempt to sell me a new phone to replace the DEFECTIVE one that you already sold me was aggravating to say the least. I wouldnt't run my busniess that way, not if I wanted to hang fon to my cutomers. So between these two issues, I have decided to spend my technology dollars elsewhere. Clearly my business is not important to you anyway.

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Re: Unethical/Poor Service

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Hello bmoody,


Welcome to our community and thank you for your loyalt as a My Best Buy Elite member. Like you, I have the expectation of being treated fairly when I have problems with items I purchased. It has ever been my understanding that, as long as an item being exchanged is identical to the one being exchanged for, there should not be any difference in the price charged. I'm at a loss to explain the store's reaction in this circumstance and I very much regret you had to insist upon receiving what should have been offered.


The situation with your phone is rather more complicated. Geek Squad Protection (GSP) is underwritten by an insurance company and so the rules of coverage are governed by the terms of the contract. This does not allow us to extend coverage after the contract has expired. In such a case, we would not be able to offer a new or refurbished phone as a covered replacement, but to ensure you had a working device our staff offered you options; regrettably, these options did not meet your needs as you indicated. I certainly understand how frustrating a situation is this and offer the afore mentioned only as an explanation of what you encountered. 


Both of these scenarios are unfortunate and I am unhappy you had to cope with each of them. I am grateful you took the time to share your thoughts and feedback with us though. It is my hope you will give us a new opportunity one day soon restore your faith in us. 

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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