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Unacceptable Customer Service

To Whom it May Concern,

Myself and my husband are recent customers with Best Buy who have dealt with nothing but a string of incompetencies since attempting to purchase a refrigerator from the company. My first failed encounter with adequate customer service began with the attempted use of the online chat. I tried asking what I erroneously thought was a simple question and ended up getting shuffled through 4 or 5 representatives, none of whom were able to provide me with the information that I was seeking. After reviewing the information on the website concerning how to prepare for the arrival of the new appliance, I relayed that the water line attached to my current refrigerator extended through the floor and exited through the basement ceiling directly below, and therefore I couldn’t measure its length preemptively. I wanted to know if it was necessary to have someone come out to inspect the current setup prior to ordering the appliance or would they be able to work with what was there and have additional supplies on hand if needed in order to establish the proper hookup. I explained that, ideally, I would like to proceed with ordering the new appliance, as my current refrigerator was leaking freon onto my hardwood floors and would soon cease to function entirely. After getting nowhere, I ended up calling Best Buy and spoke to someone who assured me that there would be no problem with them connecting to the current water line (I relayed that it was a plastic/rubber lining but was working well) and to just order an additional 10 ft. long water line in case there was a need for it; otherwise it could be returned.

The day of the delivery, I never received the 30 minute courtesy phone call to prepare for their arrival as I was promised., I was met with two people speaking very poor English who relayed that they could haul away the old fridge and bring in the new one but that they would not be able to connect it to the water line because it was plastic and it was Best Buy’s policy to only use stainless steel. I tried to relay the conversation I had the day prior, but was brushed off and told that if I wanted them to come back, I needed a valve installed (which they said that they didn’t have available with them on the truck currently) and would have to utilize the new stainless steel line. Alternatively, I could have a plumber connect to my current line. My husband was trying to deal with this situation as I was then on the phone with Best Buy to relay my frustration with the discrepancy in information. I was told by whoever I spoke to that I should have never been told that they could connect to the original plastic line as this was against their “policy,” but admitted that the line was likely still good and could be connected by someone else (clearly relaying to me that this is yet another ploy for corporations to further pad their plentiful pockets).

By the time I hung up the phone, the worker had already left. I inspected the fridge and noted that the doors were very clearly uneven and did not seem to be closing properly as a draft was felt by the handles. Once again, I called back and this time reported that this "service person” clearly did a rush job and didn’t inspect his work prior to leaving. I was told that someone would come out to inspect the doors in a few days. Fortunately my husband found a helpful video on YouTube concerning how to reconnect the water line and did it successfully himself.

A different service person came out a few days later and relayed that the doors were indeed defective and that I needed an entirely new refrigerator. I called and spoke to someone after he left and relayed the complete story and said that I needed to have the replacement delivery scheduled. I was given yet another date and another assurance that I would this time receive a courtesy phone call 30 minutes prior to their arrival.

On the day in question, I once again was met with an unexpected knock on the door by two service men and relayed my frustration at their inability to make a simple courtesy phone call. I am 8 months pregnant and cannot get around as quickly or easily as normal, so my husband (a tax accountant clearly in the midst of his busy season) was going to come home to assist and deal with the delivery to reduce additional stress on me. They came in and seemed puzzled as to why I was returning the fridge. It baffles me that these people can neither read the service ticket prior to coming to their next call or visualize a very clear problem with the doors that I could pick up immediately and I do not service appliances for a living. They proceeded to pull the fridge out and told me that they could not disconnect the water line, as it was plastic. I relayed that the last service person had no problem DISconnecting the water line, but could not REconnect it based on Best Buy’s “policy,” but that my husband would be able to reconnect it later to the new fridge. They argued with me and basically called me a liar, saying that their hands were tied and they could do nothing without us first disconnecting the line ourselves. I hastily made a call to my husband (who I said would have already been here had they called 30 minutes ahead as they were supposed to) and told them that he would be home in 15 minutes to disconnect the line. I further relayed my frustration at the continued discrepancies and inconveniences. They started to speak to each other in Spanish while staring at me, which I found exceptionally rude, and then proceeded outside to presumably wait for my husband. A few minutes later, I saw them driving away without so much as saying a single word to me! My husband arrived literally one minute later (it took him less than 10 minutes to arrive). We called the company absolutely livid at this point and relayed the entire story and the person on the other end of the line then proceeded to tell me that upon further investigation, the service request for today ONLY INCLUDED REMOVAL, BUT NOT REPLACEMENT OF, THE REFRIGERATOR! So, basically, it was somewhat fortunate that they drove away, because they were about to remove the defective fridge and leave us with nothing, because the incompetent person I spoke to on the phone clearly didn’t listen to anything I was saying when requesting a REPLACEMENT FOR THE DEFECTIVE FRIDGE. Then, I was told that they no longer had the fridge in stock and so I would have to either wait (NOT A OPTION FOR SOMEONE ABOUT TO UNDERGO A C-SECTION) or they could refund our money and we would have to look for another fridge elsewhere. I explained that the reason we used Best Buy to begin with is because they were the only place that we could find with a fridge with the width dimensions needed for our built-in cabinets, so just “picking something else” was not going to be an easy feat. I basically got a polite “sucks to be you” type of response, followed by an “oh by the way, we have a 15 day return policy.” I couldn’t believe that with all of the inconvenience we had experienced, including being given a defective appliance through no fault of our own, that this would even be mentioned, much less apply to our particular situation.

The complete lack of customer service and incompetence we experienced over and over again has us truly baffled. We most definitely will not be using your services again in the future under any circumstance. We feel that the very least that can be provided for our continued inconvenience is a stipend for groceries since the majority were destroyed with the constant back and forth of taking the entire contents in and out of multiple refrigerators.

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Re: Unacceptable Customer Service

Hello vtindievet, 


Thanks for reaching out to us on Best Buy Forums. As we strive to provide exceptional customer service, I regret to hear your experience has not shown that. To address your food spoilage first, you are able to download our Food Spoilage Claim form by following this link: Once the form is completed, you can submit it to for the quickest resolution.


I would also be more than happy to see how else I may be able to assist with this situation. If you could, please send me a private message via the blue link beside my name and include your full name, phone number, and email address. If you could also provide me with the order number, that would help a lot as well.




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