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Unacceptable Customer Experience - Pokemon Trading Event

I received an email promoting a Pokemon Trading Card Event at my Best Buy store in Santa Rosa CA for Saturday 9/21/2019.  I checked the drop down box and found my store was on the list.  Great!  My kids will be stoked.  The week before, we were in the store buying some Pokemon cards when my wife and I saw the sign that was typed and printed up also promoting this event for 9/21 from 11am to 2pm.  This, again, confirmed that this store would be holding this event.  Then, I even called in Friday night to make sure the event was going to start right at 11am so that we wouldn't waste time if it didn't start on time.  However, after 10 minutes and 14 seconds (I saved a screen shot of my phone) of bouncing around through the phone automated system and never speaking to a person, I hung up and assumed that we would be good to go since I received an email promoting it, confirmed in the drop down box that our store was on the list, and even saw the printed sign in store promoting the event. 


Saturday morning, we arrive at 11am as did some other parents with their children.  No Pokemon trading card event.  An employee told us that this store was not on the list and that it was only Concord and San Francisco.  I had to walk away and let my wife ask the questions because I was ready to pop a valve.  I really want to know what happened here and how suddenly this event ended up not happening with no notice.


I still ended up buying $305 worth of items while in the store that day.  Several of them, ironically, being Pokemon cards and toys for my kids because I felt like they got duped and I felt bad over the whole thing.  I run a business with multiple stores and I get that things happen and mistakes take place.  However, I make sure to admit my mistakes and do something to right a wrong, especially if there are kids involved standing their holding their homemade Pokemon binders with complete disappointment in their eyes.  I need to know what caused this problem here so I can have some satisfaction of understanding and also know that somebody within the Best Buy organization who cares is aware of what happened and can take steps to make sure no other kids go through the same thing going forward.  That's all I want.  I don't want a discount, I don't want something for free, I just want to know something will be done to fix it going forward.  

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Re: Unacceptable Customer Experience - Pokemon Trading Event

Part of your problem seems to be rewarding the store for bad behavior.
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Re: Unacceptable Customer Experience - Pokemon Trading Event

Hello, dmclea915,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums, although I wish we were meeting under a more pleasant circumstance. The Pokemon Trading Card Event sounded like a lot of fun, and I’m sure your kids were looking forward to the experience. Having children myself, I can understand how you all must have felt, and I apologize that the event was not taking place inside your local Best Buy. The last thing we’d want to do is let down our customers, especially when kids are involved.


I realize you are seeking answers, and I wish I had one that would be sufficient. Although never our intention, these events are subject to change. We’d be glad to look further into this, but may need some information from you to proceed. Feel free to send us a private message, which you can do by selecting the darker blue box next to my name below. Our team is based out of our Corporate Office, and we’d like the opportunity to document this experience, in effort to do all we can to prevent this type of occurrence going forward.



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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