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I recently applied for a Best Buy Credit Card through Citi Bank and I was not approved. I changed my address and I was notified that there will be a letter sent out within 10 days explaining why I was not approved and I need to make sure it is sent to that address.


NOTE - I called a two times about it and on both phone calls the people I spoke to were either very rude or acted like they didn't care at all. 





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Hello, Leah,


While I don’t have a Best Buy credit card myself, I do know what it’s like to have been rejected for a credit card in the past.  Oftentimes, the feedback you receive from the company as to why you were not chosen for the card can be very valuable in helping to build your credit score, etc.


Certainly, it doesn’t sound like you’ve received the best service from Citibank regarding getting this address changed.  However, as Citibank is the card holder for us, they would be your point of contact in updating that address.  While I understand you haven’t had the best of luck with calling, I can only recommend that you continue with that route.  Hopefully, one of their agents will be able to assist you in the manner needed, or at least confirm if the letter as already been sent.  You should be able to reach them at (888) 574-1301.



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