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Trying to fix a string of "can't help you"'s from Best Buy

Hi BB Forum folks, hoping you can help where multiple BB employees have been unable to.  Everyone involved has been friendly, but told me, ultimately, they could not help.  


I made a purchase online in December of an item on  When they opened it on Jan 6th, we found it was incomplete, missing the battery.  Going online, I found in the comments that this seems to happen A LOT with the product.    


I went to the store and asked for a new one, to which I was told it was not carried in store.  I could return it and they could order me a new one, deliverered for free, but I needed it for that person that day, as they were leaving for college.  Having no other choice, I had to buy a new battery at the store.  The manager apologized but said he could not just give it to me, but would give it to me at 50% off.  As fortune would have it, the item I purchased was now on sale for even more than what I paid.   The difference would actually cover the reduced price battery.  This seemed like a win all around so they decided to return the item, then resell it to me at the reduced price, charge me the manager-discounted price, and I'd end up paying like 50 cents.  Worked for me.  Except the computer disagreed and two managers and a rep couldn't fix it.  After an hour total at the store, I left.  Paid for the battery of course - the person needed their gift.


Today I just spoke to another very friendly person on the phone who, after about 7 minutes of hold time, told me she couldn't do anything either.  She said it was company policy.


So, in the end, I was provided a product incomplete, then charged extra to make it what it should have been initially.  Any attempts to zero this out have been blocked by policy or technology.    As a long long long time Best Buy shopper and Elite rewards member, I really think this could have been handled smoother.  This was not about the small amount of money involved, but just making the purchase right.  Since I've had to do that myself, due to policy/technology resistance, I'm looking to get the money part fixed.   It's annoying that two of my holiday purchases at Best Buy were messed up.  Luckily I was able to resolve one of them, but this one still is not done. I've left out the order numbers involved out of this since that appears to be policy, but I look forward to somone contacting me that I can provide them to to fix this.  



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Re: Trying to fix a string of "can't help you"'s from Best Buy

Good afternoon, Ozzie4, 

Having worked in the store before accepting this position, there were times where our computer would not allow us the opportunity to make the overrides, and they have certainly gotten more strict on exceptions that are made. Knowing things could have gone a little smoother for you I’m personally wanting to take a closer look into this for your, here on the Best Buy forums!

That said, I’m going to need some additional information to get started. Please send me your full name, phone number, email address, and order number you’re referencing. If you can provide me with the names of the manager you worked with and the other associate I believe this would greatly help out also. 

I’ll be sure to keep an eye on my inbox for your reply! Don’t forget to send this information in a private message by clicking the blue button in my signature line below!

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