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Total Tech Support

If I have total tech support which is now changed to totaltech then why have I still had to pay for protection plans and services for devices if the item I have purchased shows that the protection is included because of my membership? Is this just another failed roll out of a service that no one bothers to monitor for issues for the people it is supposed to be "benefiting"? You are making it really hard to want to contine to purchase things from Best Buy if you continue to eliminate the programs that first attracted consumers to your business and then fail to impliment your own policies or memberships and then fail to clean up when there has been a error regarding that same membership. I also love how it is getting harder and harder for you to even accept or adhere to your own polciies in store as your employees continue to make things more difficult. I was told the other day that I could not price match some flash memory because I may have faked the amazon website despite the face that they were looking it up on their phones because they say that is policy and that I could have faked the listing and I should try again in a day or two to see if it still showed the same price despite the fact that prices fluctuate on there reguraly and since you only match to the same item shipped and sold by amazon and has to be in stock big surprise when I try to again now the item is out of stock but of course they do not argue about that listing or link being faked. If you do not want to price match anymore then just put a end to it and let us consumers move on and just purchase elsewhere as there is no real reason to bother coming back to you.

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Re: Total Tech Support

Lots to unpack:


Yes it's true that Total Tech Support and Best Buy Beta Memberships are being rolled into the new TotalTech Membership.  I encourage you to post your ideas on how to better the membership program over on the IdeaX Forum


If you've received your email notification of the change, the document does list the additional benefits of the TotalTech membership including discounts on actual products.  This is more than just tech support now.


While TotalTech does including Best Buy Protection coverage, there are benefits on both sides.  1.  Plans you've purchased outright are most likely longer, with TotalTech these are 2 years and *only* while you have an active membership.  Cancel your membership early or let the membership lapse at the renewal point, those plans become inactive.  With the Protection you have purchased, this does not occur.  Under TotalTech, the complementary protection can and will incur a services fee *when* support is needed.  The price paid for your Protection Plans is inclusive of these fees.  


As for Amazon Price Matches, our policy does require items to be "Shipped and Sold by Amazon" as Amazon is who we match.  We don't match "Steve's Bargain Bin" store because it is listed on Amazon Marketplace.  The main reason is that stores like this are not apples to apples with Best Buy.  3rd party listings can and have been proven to contain:  b-stock items, grey market goods, items intended for other countries of origin, straight counterfeits, etc.  Best Buy obtains it's merchandise directly from manufacturers and/or their approved supply channels.  I disagree with the store's attempts at clarifying the policy with speculation around a fake listing, I simply would have reported that it must be shipped and sold by Amazon and left it at that.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Total Tech Support

I agree with jdogg as I have received some bootleg items from Amazon in the past from third party sellers and its not a fun thing. Low prices are a good thing but third party sellers are not matchable.

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Re: Total Tech Support

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Hi there, DJPie213,


Welcome back to our community forums again. I appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback about our Best Buy Totaltech membership as well as our Price Match Guarantee. Based on your message, it sounds like there's a bit of confusion on about these options and I'd be glad to help provide some clarifying information.


 Best Buy Totaltech includes up to 24 months of Best Buy Protection on most Best Buy purchases with an active membership. This coverage includes hardware failures resulting from defects in material or workmanship, normal wear and tear, dust, internal overheating, internal humidity/condensation as well as power surge/fluctuation. This includes a surge caused by a lightning strike.


Accidental damage from handling is also available for select product categories. This offers protection from unintentional damage while handling your product. Depending on the purchase price of your device as well as the manufactures warranty, there may be a service fee when getting assistance. You can learn more here


I'm a bit confused about the trouble you ran into with this price match. Can you please provide some more details about this listing being "fake"? Was this product shipped and sold by Amazon or a third party? Was this product listing live or a screenshot? 


I hope I was able to provide some clarification on these programs, but please don't hesitate to let me know if you may have any other questions!

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