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They have my money and my product what can I do?

I asked your employee to lookup a store where they had dysom hair straighteners available. He told me he did and that he found zero stores that had it available. I sadly believed him and he processed an order that would take two days to arrive. Well that item is delayed till the 27 of January and now I can't return the item because the order is pending. I go back the same day to the same store and spoke with a manager.... Guess what?? A STORE 35 MINUTES ASAY HAD 15 OF THEM IN STOCK AND THAT KID TOLD ME THERE WERE NONE IN STOCK!! Now I can't cancel the order and can't buy another one because I don't have an additional $534.00 lying around! The "manager" had the nerve to tell me to simply buy a second one and return the first one whenever it arrives..... Who does your hiring, Best Buy? That's what your train your managers to day in this situation? I'm not privileged enough to have $1300.00 to throw towards dyson hair straighteners especially when this was all caused by one of your employees who refused to do what I requested. My girlfriend's birthday is ruined because now she has no gift and the money I did have to spend is now in best buys pocket, they have the merchandise I ordered, but refuse to cancel the order and allow me to buy one of the 15 dyson straighteners they have in stock! This is just stupid.. All around, from the company to the policies, and especially the employees who are doing whatever they want I guess. I will never in my life trust best buy to fulfill any orders in time and will never trust a word their employees say. With that being said, is there anything you can do for me or is my girlfriend's birthday pretty much ruined?
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Re: Returning an item

I honestly am going to pay off my best buy card and then never shop at that place again. Went to buy a dyson hair straightener and the employee told me there were none in stock anywhere near me. I told him I'd be willing to drive up to 2 hrs away in order to be able to pick it up same day as it is a birthday gift for my girlfriend. He told me none were available anywhere and that he'd have to ship it to me and that it'd arrive in 2 days. We'll 2days later and it's delayed till the 27 of January. My girlfriend's birthday is this Saturday... I went back to the same store to try to return it and she told me she didn't understand why the employee told me none were in stock because she saw 15 of them in stock at a best buy less than 30 minutes away!!! Now I speed over the next morning (1/7/20) to process a refund and repurchase at the store where they had 15 available. Now the manager says I can't process the return because the computer says it was shipped and will arrive on 1/7/20.... But today is 1/7/20...... Of course it didn't arrive. So the manager has the audacity to suggest that I buy a 2nd dyson straightener so I have it in time and then return the 1st one whenever it arrives.... ARE YOU KIDDING MEEE??!? Sorry but unfortunately I'm not privileged enough to spend over $1300.00 on hair straighteners all because some kid failed to do his job and lookup a store where this was in stock like I asked him, and instead chose to ship it to me. So now my girlfriend's birthday is ruined, her gift won't arrived in time, and now I don't have $534.00 that I can spend toward her birthday gift on something else she wants because I can't return an item that won't be fulfilled till the end of the month. You legit have my money and I can't do anything about it. Thank you Best Buy for destroying what was supposed to be aagical birthday weekend for my girlfriend....
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Re: They have my money and my product what can I do?

Good afternoon, FLIPSTER87,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  It can often be frustrating to discover one of your orders will arrive later than expected, and hearing this was meant as a gift for your girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow, I can certainly understand your concern.


Using the information you provided upon joining our Support Forums, I believe I was able to locate the order in question, and I’m happy to see the carrier confirmed its delivery just a few hours ago, just in time for your girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow.


If this isn’t the case, or if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to return to our Support Forums any time.



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