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Thermadore+Best Buy: Have Our Money - Paid July 4, 2021 - Where is Our Range - - Still No Product

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We have a serious inquiry as to when we can realistically expect our product.


It feels as if someone is throwing a dart at a dartboard to arrive at a viable delivery date in lieu of using Leading Supply Chain Practices and disciplines. Throwing your hands in the air is not a business strategy. Nor is blaming intangible entities. PEOPLE are RESPONSIBLE Here ! Same people that effectively enticed us to separate ourselves from our hard earned cash and willingly give it to you folks. You folks are responsible not the Value Chain as you like to brand it.

Stop the positioning and games and get seriously real and fact and driven based.  


There is NO TRUE transparency despite @Christofer {removed per forum guidlines} wonderful landing page notice and explaination luring customers into a false belief that the delivery leadtimes are effectively hovering around a year due to COVID induced supply chain woes. Buyers beware.  


We placed our order for Thermador - ProGrand 6.5 Cu. Ft. Freestanding Double Oven Dual Fuel Convection Range with Pro Steam - Liquid Propane Convertible - Stainless steel July, 4th Light Year 2022 through Best Buy. 


Sales Order No: {removed per forum guidlines}


We paid in full in good faith on July 4, 2021 based on the Grand Marketeer and CEO Mr.Nagel of Thermadore's false claims regarding leadtimes. Conveyed as no more than 1 Year. 


Simple mathematics suggests that the product should have been delivered July 4, 2022 marking the 1 year waiting period benchmark.


However it is long past July 4, 2022 as any able minded person knows as it is now August 31, 2022 and our order in Best Buy's system is now showing a December 1, 2022 Delivery window. 


What happened to transparency and fair business practices? Do we no longer honor such principles? 


Briefly - One Question


When can we realistically expect our product?


You have had our money tied up and have not made good on a single promise.


We understand we are not alone.


We just want transparency and a committment to refrain from placating the customer.


We all have our big boy and girl pants on here.


If you're out of control and don't have a clue that is also fair. Just say it and stop this non-sense.


I would like to speak with someone who has decision rights and access to critical data to assess and advise me where our product is within the value chain and a plan for delivery.


We can't even see if a work order has been issued to Manufacturing and its relative status:


  1. If a work is issued to the floor, are the materials available to complete the work?
  2. If they have partially released the work order to the floor what is the expected receipt date of longest lead-time component(s)?
  3. Are all of the resources aligned to support the build schedule? Resources include but not limited to "Tooling", "Labor Resources","Machine Resources", etc.
  4. What are the critical components and or elements if any that are delayed and what is the promise date for those items?


If you have these answers then you are in a position to project a planned work order completion due date.

Once we have that, we can then assess a delivery date assuming data is available to make such a determination.


Please get back to us so we can plan our lives. It's been over a year and to say, we're tired is an understatement. 

Cancer, COVID and this festering wound, just fuels additional challenges and utter disappointment. 





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Re: Thermadore+Best Buy: Have Our Money - Paid July 4, 2021 - Where is Our Range - - Still No Pro...

Hello, JustPhab,


Welcome to our Online Community Forum!


I appreciate you taking the time to contact our team about your Thermador purchase with Best Buy. For context, our team works on behalf of our Corporate Office. 


Delays are never ideal and I certainly understand how this may go against original estimations. I'd be happy to further review this order with you to see what clarity I can provide on incoming transfers from the manufacturer. That said, our team is unable to provide details on the manufacturing end (build times, etc.). We receive updates on transfer or purchase orders from respective vendors.


In saying this, I am curious where this order is currently. To further review, please send us a private message. In the private message, please verify your full name, phone number and email.


It is my hope we can work to clarify details on this purchase order, so you may get your new Thermador in the home.


Chat soon,

Blue|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Thermadore+Best Buy: Have Our Money - Paid July 4, 2021 - Where is Our Range - - Still No Produc

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Hi Where is our stove ?
We didn’t ask you for a cure to cancer or the winning lotto numbers or to right and product Grammy Hit Record.

You have eagerly taken our money and have continued to perpetually lie to us since July 2021 16+ Months month after month.

{removed per forum guidelines}

{removed per forum guidelines}

The last promise date was has lapsed again and no communication has been received.

To add insult to injury, Best Buy is now accepting orders for the same product with a 5 month lead-time APRIL-2023 but yet existing customers who been in line since July 2021 are being treated like discarded carcasses since we all paid in Good faith up front.

Simple question, same as the one at the afore of this dialog but yet we have perpetually asked and received non-truths for over a month.

Where is our Stove ? To say I am disappointed would be an utter understatement. I cannot find words of how disgusted I am with Best Buy and Thermadore 3 Card Molly in the Back of the Bus antics.