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The worst phone system I have ever encountered

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My encounter with what is apparently a national phone system and not readily connected to the stores I thought I was calling would almost be funny if it were not so time consuming an frustrating.

As a frequent Best Buy customer I am interested in buying a 2021 Sony XBR or OLED 75/77 inch TV and had a couple of very basic questions about them.  I ended up calling 3 stores in the St. Louis area where I now live and two stores I had worked with in Orange County, CA when we lived there.

In each call the issues were the same;

1.  I I told the automated system I wanted to buy a TV or that I wanted to speak with a manager the manger I got the same two results-the system did not know what I wanted and sent me to the on hold, never to be answered corner of the phone system an no one ever picked up the call.

2.  I had this experience when I tried time Chesterfield, MO store. I gave up there after 20 minutes.  Same at the Mid Rivers Mall store.  I gave up there after 15 minutes.  Ditto for the Richmond Heights store.

3,  I though I'd try the CA stores since I had worked in-store with them over the years.  I had the same experience there/ 20 minutes on hold for South Coast Plaza and just under 20 minutes on hold with Mission Viejo.

4.  I finally gave up and called an independent retailer and had a very informative conversation with a sales person who knew the product and spent a lot of time with me on the phone.  

This is in stark contrast to Best Buy where, as an established customer, no one even pick up the phone!

My suspicion is that the fault lies with the phone system.  My in store experiences at Best Buy have always been very good.  I was hoping to talk with my Magnolia sales person at the Chesterfield MO store, Dalla {removed per forum guidelines}.  Dallas has been an outstanding rep and helped me with TV and sound systems.

If I had not had the good in store experiences and this was my first experience with Best Buy I would look to another source when purchasing TV's audio or home appliances.