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The Worst Experience of my life since Nov 23 2018

On Nov 23rd, I placed an order for a 55" Samsung with a JBL soundbar.


During the month of December there were 3rd party installers used due to Holiday rush.  In the month, 4 installation appointments were changed.   Dec 17th, the JBL soundbar was replaced with the Samsung Harmen Karden with Wireless Rear speakers.


With every changed appointment, I became more disgruntled.  I took this to Twitter and thus began the trek of trying to keep an appointment that was set.  I continued to get robo calls telling me I had to reschedule.  Then around Jan 4th, the Samsung had to be replaced due to flashing and pixel issues that appeared after Christmas. 


Between my phone calls and my twitter, I finally got a District Manager to call me.   He was professional and even when he set appointments, robo called and I would have to change.   It finally got down to where he told me not to act on the robo calls and to call him when I got another reschedule call.


On Sunday Feb 3rd, when the TV was turned on, it was flashing like strobe lights.   Well, last night began the trek into 

this rabbit hole.  I called to setup the Return/Replace of the Samsung.  I worked with someone on to determine LG 55" OLED would be the most complimentary to the Sound System.  I then got transferred for the 4th time to set the replace/return appointment.   It was set for Feb 7 between noon and 4.   BUT ... when she tried to 'finalize', I was told that I hit my 'limit' on being able to do the Return/Replace and would have to call a store and talk to someone there.


I, of course, said 'WHAT?".  Since when does someone have a 'replace/return' limit on equipment?   If I bought the protection plan, there is no such limit written in there ANYWHERE.   I was beyond aghast.   So I called the 'store' and talked to a gentleman (Southglenn Store on University in Littleton) named Jerry who told me that this was wrong.  He took my information and was going to have the manager call me.    Well, you can all imagine.   THAT never happened.


I'm at a loss.  I am trying to locate a number or suggestions or even the common decency of helping a customer out.   I don't believe in the company anymore.   



I went into my Order History to get information for the customer service rep and guess what is out there?   Every changed appointment now has a 'title' ... similar to the Product Information in your Order .. but this is where it gets interesting.  The changed appointments are now listed as 'The Greatest Story Ever Told'.   I have 7 on them on my Order History.   And yes.   I got screen caps of all of this.


So, whoever monitors this, I need the following:

a)  Respect.   Respect that a customer who has a faulty product for the 2nd time and purchased Geek Squad Protection so a return/replace could be done.

b)  Respect.   Respect in that I am not a stupid customer and that there is 'limit' and that Best Buy saw all that I had on my account and decided 'NOPE'.   She doesn't get a thing and we are not setting an appointment or replacing.

c)   Respect.  Respect that I have not used the phone number for the District gentleman that I easily could.   


So what are you gonna do now?




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Re: The Worst Experience of my life since Nov 23 2018

Greetings, ElegantlyWasted!


Welcome to our Online Community here on the Best Buy Forums!

I apologize for all of the difficulties that you have continued to have with your order. I like to unwind at the end of a long day by catching up on my favorite shows, and can understand wanting to have your home theater system ready to go. I see that Jessica has been assisting you with this on Twitter. We are a part of the same team and would have the same access to resources, so I would recommend continuing to work with her towards a resolution. Thanks for your patience through all of this.





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