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The 2nd add to carts helps botters more than your human customers

I can always add whatever the 1st time it seems, but that 2nd add to card feels like I have one milisecond to click it after randomly waiting for 5 - 15+ minutes.  Bots have no problems clicking that 2nd add to cart. Me, and most other humans are stuck here looking at the dreaded. "This item is not in your cart yet." Due to high demand..."  Then I have no idea if I should sit here, and click the still yellow "Add to Cart", or give up. 


It's not at all fair. If I wait patientily at the bestbuy site all Thursday morning, and then I am able to add something to my cart, why should I have to add again at a random time later?  Bots are not going anywhere. I can't comprehend how this 2nd step deters bots.  I can see how it helps them about 15 minutes after the sales starts. 


1st it was Bestbuy doesn't like Firefox, or Opera, then Bestbuy all of sudden needed a confirmation of my CC after not asking for one when I ordered other things earlier. All along, it's been that 2nd add to cart that's been the biggest hurdle though. 


Please rethink how you plan to help your customers. The resellers will always be there for you. The shortages are expected to be a least a year longer.  The bots have figured out how to get the majority of bestbuy stock every other Thursday. This has become just the worst experience. I even prefer companies that take no steps to help their customers. It's far better than this false hope because I know not to sit there and try.  

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Re: The 2nd add to carts helps botters more than your human customers

Pretty sure the bots are buying all the winning lottery tickets also. I'm not sure how they do it, but sence I never win, it must be the bots!!!!