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Terrible experience while blind. purchase not as advertised


I wanted to write about a truly terrible experience I had at a Best Buy store (86th st and Lexington, New York City, zip 10128) this week. I am blind and need to use some adaptive technology software that has certain specifications I would need in a computer. So, we I needed a computer, I worked with someone at an organization that helps with this sort of thing and did some research online, but wanted to buy a computer in person, so I could get a feel for them and talk to the experts and make sure I didn't accidentally get the wrong thing. This was my first time buying a computer while blind, and I hadn't bought a windows computer since 2003. 
So, on 4/26/22, I went to best buy, checked out a few computers and worked with one of the employees to find the right laptop with me. We diligently went through all the specifications to make sure we were getting the right one, including that it had Windows 10 and not Windows 11, and then after I bought it in the store, I double-checked everything when I got home to make sure I could cancel it before it shipped if we overlooked something. 
The computer arrived, and I worked to install my files and software, and then I noticed that ift actually came with Windows 11 and not Windows 10. I checked with the Adaptive technology person who had helped me, and she felt strongly that Windows 10 was what I needed. 
So, on May 4th, I brought everything in to Best Buy at the same location to try to get it sorted out. The employee in the computer area had me work with the Geek Squad to make sure it really had come with Windows 11, which he said it had, and then the Geek Squad brought me back to the computer area. I showed them my receipt and how it said it was supposed to come with Windows 10, and I mentioned how I had checked with the Best Buy employee before I bought it. They told me it actually comes with Windows 11. and that they. couldn't help. THey said the website and material that says it comes with Windows 10 is all made by Best Buy Corporate, and it is incorrect but they can't change that. and they said the employee who told me it would come with Windows 10 was just wrong. I was told I could purchase Windows 10 if I wanted it, and then pay the Geek Squad to install it. I tried to say that my receipt says I already purchased a license for Windows 10, so I shouldn't have to buy another, and it was supposed to come installed on the computer, so I shouldn't have to pay for that either. but I was told I would have to pay and it would be at least $200 for the Geek Squad part plus about $139 for Windows 10, but I was told I had three options: 1) Pay for Windows 10 and Geek Squad to install, 2) keep the laptop as is, or 3) Return it, so I returned it. 

After I returned it, I asked the same employees for help finding a laptop that met my specifications, and he looked around for a few minutes and said he had nothing, even though many were listed as being Windows 10 and otherwise fitting my specifications. He said I could check other stores. I asked if he could help other stores, and he said he could do that if he wanted to help but he didn't want to. At this time, I asked for a manager, and one came over (his card actually says he is a Magnolia Consultant). At this point, after having returned the laptop, the employee who had been working with me most of the time said that I could have just reverted it to Windows 10. I asked how, and he said he would have just showed me if I wasn't blind but I wouldn't have been able ot see it. I said it wasn't fair to offer some things to sighted people and not blind people, and asked if he could just revert it to Windows 10, since he knew how, saying I would gladly buy the computer back. He said he wouldn't do that but did reiterate that he knew how to do it. So, I asked, since he was willing to show a sighted person how to do it but not a blind person, could he write down instructions for me, and I could do it at home. He said, "I could", and asked if I wanted short instructions or very detailed instructions, and I asked for detailed instructions. He spent a few minutes writing them down on a piece of paper, next to the manager, then he turned to me, and said, "why am I doing this, you won't even be able to read it, and it's going to take me a while." Even though he had started writing them, he stopped at that point. I protested and said I have devices that can read handwriting as well as sighted family members, friends. and neighbors. but he wouldn't resume writing. I said it wasn't fair to say you would help a sighted person do this but not a blind person, and he said we were done. I asked the manager if he could do anything, and he said he could show me a video, which I said wouldn't help me. I preferred the written list. He said they weren't doing that anymore, and they weren't offering me any other help. 
It was a truly awful experience
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Re: Terrible experience while blind. purchase not as advertised

Windows 10 and 11 use the same license, there wouldn't be any need to buy a separate Windows 10 key.

However Sence windows 11 has been out long enough for new computers to be sold with it instead of 10, you may run into problems with support and drivers for a computer that was specifically designed for Windows 11.
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Re: Terrible experience while blind. purchase not as advertised

Hello, bobarley,


Welcome to the forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to write us about your experience during your visit to our 86th And Lexington Best Buy location. I would be reaching out as well, if I felt I wasn’t treated appropriately. We try to pride ourselves in ensuring we provide great customer service, and it saddens me to learn you feel this was not your experience. We definitely expect our employees, from top to bottom, to conduct themselves as professional as possible in every situation.


Being located at our Corporate office, I am able to get this documented for internal review for you. Also, if you have not been able to find a resolution to your computer needs, I can look into it as well. First, I am going to need some more details from you in order to better assist. Will you please send me a private message by clicking on the blue "Private Message" button next to my signature with your full name, phone number, and e-mail address? I look forward to hearing from you.


Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Terrible experience while blind. purchase not as advertised