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Terrible and disconnected customer experience

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My customer experience with Best Buy was (and continues to be) so awful that I took the time to create an account and write on this forum. 


I ordered a washer-dryer combo on 3/5 to be delivered and installed on 3/8.


Day of the order, I got a call from a Best Buy number claiming the order was on the way. I got continuous updates to the time placing the order between 1:30pm and 5:30pm. 6pm arrives and I have heard nothing.


I contact support via chat and am greeted with a rude agent who takes 30 minutes to tell me that the item was out of stock and needed to be re-ordered (which was untrue). 


Simultaniously, I am on the phone with another agent (who was actually competent) who had informed me that the chat agent was wrong, and that a delivery was attempted at 2:30pm, however I never received ANY communication of this, and was told I would have to rescheudle the order myself as their system would not allow them to change it. This agent refunded me $100 on the total order for the trouble. Fair. 


On the phone a few days later with yet another agent who informed me that they had added the wrong vent kit (I was prompted with a question when ordering along the lines of "will you require a side vent" to which I replied No, was still given the side vent kit in the order). After talking to several agents, Karla on case # {removed per forum guidelines} was able to change the vent kit. She was quite good, but it took SEVERAL agents to simply switch the vent kit on the order. This also delayed my delivery from 3/15 to 3/17. I received no compensation for this delay.


3/17 (today) arrives and the delivery team (who was very good and professional) calls to drop off the units. They ask me if I plan on stacking them, to which I said yes (the units are advertised as a STACKING WASHER DRYER COMBO). Team informs me that there is no stacking kit in the order, and that I will need to reschedule the installation and takeaway of the old units AND order the stacking kit. They drop off the units and leave and I contact customer support. A very competent understanding agent (I forget her name, but it was case #{removed per forum guidelines}) and I try to find a solution. Turns out, Best Buy NO LONGER CARRIES the necessary stacking kit. I have to order this myself and the installation and removal of old units has to be rescheduled for Monday, 3/21. After explaining this entire sitation to the agent, she refunds $200 from the order, which is as good as I'm sure it'll get. 


It has been 12 days and I still have no washer dryer installed. This should have been a SIMPLE DELIVERY AND INSTALL. I have had to spend literal hours talking to nearly a dozen customer support agents, many of whom are completely useless and clueless. I have received decent monetary compensation for my trouble, but can't help but feel that this is not enough. This experience leads me to believe Best Buy will manage to screw up the installation on Monday and it'll get further delayed for some easily avoidable reason. 


This has been without a doubt the worst customer experience I have ever had with any company. Whoever integrated Best Buys tech stack should be fired. Whoever leads the logistics and order management team at Best Buy should be fired. Whoever runs Customer Experience at Best Buy should be fired. I cannot wait to never purchase another item from this company again, and encourage everyone I know to do the same. I don't know what I expect to gain from writing this post, but felt it need to be done. Best Buy, you should be named Worst Buy. BE BETTER. 



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Re: Terrible and disconnected customer experience


Thank you for connecting with us about your experience over our forums. While I can understand your frustrations with the service you have experienced with your laundry pair order however I am glad to see that you have found help correcting the situation and were provided a credit.  



Ruben|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Terrible and disconnected customer experience

I hope you understand that this is a completely empty response you've given me. 

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Re: Terrible and disconnected customer experience



My washer dryer was supposed to be installed today. The team arrived in South Beach with a huge box truck to pick up a compact washer and dryer. Their truck would not fit in the parking area I secured (I imagined they would be coming in a van or smaller box truck for an order this small), team had space to park on the side of the street outside my building with hazards, as is common practice here, but refused, and refused to do the pick up and installation. 


Now, I have to wait until FRIDAY 3/21 for the installation of items I bought over three weeks ago. How much does the best buy support time want to bet they'll mess up the Friday delivery too? I'm getting the feeling the only way these appliances will get installed is if I do it myself. 


Absolute trash company, To anyone who may be reading this, I will give you a fair warning DO NOT BUY FROM BEST BUY. I mean, unless you like having to deal with their agents 2-3 times per day, waiting insanely long times for service, sitting on hold, and dealing with their braindead logistics partners. 

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Re: Terrible and disconnected customer experience

Hey, amassa!

Welcome to our forums!

I’ll be happy to take a closer look into this matter and offer any additional assistance I can, however, I’m hoping you can provide me with a few pieces of additional information before I’m able to do so.  If you could use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature to send me:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address 

This should be enough for me to begin my research, and hopefully get you the assistance you’re looking for.


Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Terrible and disconnected customer experience

Final update:


So today I cancelled my installation appointment on Friday, and can finally say I am finished with this circus of a process.


For any other customers, Best Buy agents or managers, here is a breakdown of the entire chain of events. I hope to god that at the very least it might help with process improvement so others arent subject to this nonsense, but im sure it'll fall on deaf ears.


March 2: I ordered a Samsung stackable washer and dryer combo and the reccomended accessories with installation and haul away service. This was set to be delivered and installed on 3/8.


March 8: I get an automated call saying my order is on the way. My order never shows up and I receive no communication. I contact an agent over chat (who was quite rude and dismissive) who tells me that the item I purchased had to be backordered. I did not believe this, so I called into the support line. According to the agent on the phone, a team had arrived at my building, called me (I had recieved no call), and buzzed my intercom(my intercom is connected to my cell, still, nothing). I am told I would have to reschedule and the soonest apt was 3/14. I was also told that they had added an incorrect vent kit for the dryer on the order (of which I(correctly) followed automated prompts while placing the order) and that they would change it.


I also tweet @ BestBuySupport on twitter explaining the situation and receive no reply. 


March 12: I check my Best Buy order and notice the vent kit has not been changed as an agent stated it would be. I call support several times and have to go through multiple agents in order to get this item replaced with the correct vent kit. During one call I am even connected with a 'sales professonal' who simply answered 'hello' then hung up on me, forcing me to call again and get put on hold for another 20 minutes. Overall I spent about 90 minutes of my Saturday trying to get an agent to solve this very simple issue. This also delays my delivery date even further to 3/17.


March 17: A delivery team arrives and informs me that they will be unable to install the units if they are to be stacked (which they were, as they were advertised as a STACKING WASHER DRYER COMBO on the site) as Best Buy did not include the stacking kit with the order. They drop off the washer dryer and I am left to rescheudle installation and haul away of old appliances.


After speaking with an agent on the phone for about 30 min, we come to the conclusion that best buy no longer sells the stacking kit for this combo, and that I have to purchase the part from Amazon. My delivery is then scheduled for 3/21.


That evening I also wrote the original post above, and got a very totally hollow and unhelpful response from an agent.


March 21: The delivery team arrives at my apt with a huge truck (far larger than the parking area I had allocated for them) and claimed they could not complete the haul away and installation because of this. To be noted, the first time arrived in an equally large truck when they dropped off the units and had no issue parking on the street with hazard lights on. They leave and I, once again, have to contact Best Buy support. 


I get on the phone with an agent and she informs me that the earliest they could do the next installation appointment was for Friday 3/25. She told me she would not only try and schedule it for earlier, but also have a manager call me back to help resolve some of these issues, because this experience has been terrible.


I comment again on this post and an agent requests I message her. I send her a message with the requested info, and she says she will 'try to get it scheduled for earlier'. I'm so sick of hearing those words, as I am completely certain they say that then do nothing. 


I also tweet @ Best Buy Support once more to try and get this resovled, and finally receive a response. However, the agent was both rude and unhelpful, and eventually stopped responding to me. 


Annoyed, I take it upon myself to call a local company to do the installation and haul away, they answer right away, tell me they can do the install the next day. They show up on time and complete the job within an hour, as Best Buy had every opportunity to do, and failed spectacularly at every turn. 


If this entire experience has taught me one thing, it is NEVER EVER purchase any appliance or service from Best Buy. I am washing my hands of this company for good, and will advocate for others to do so as well.



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Re: Terrible and disconnected customer experience

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Hello, amassa,


I appreciate you going into such detail regarding your experience with our teams across the board. This is certainly not the type of experience we aim and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Your feedback on this matter is important, as it helps shape future customer experiences going forward. Specifically, I am sending out feedback on behalf of your experience with our Social Team here on Forums and on Twitter. In many ways, our team on social should act as a connecting piece to local and corporate teams. In this instance, it seems that we could have done more to explain and navigate your situation.


While I understand that you have received your services elsewhere, I wanted to thank you for following up with your last post. 

If you should need any assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Social Team. We work on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and here on Forums.



Blue|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Terrible and disconnected customer experience

FYI: I never reveived the last $150 credit for all of this and have been on the phone with Best Buy to resolve for over 2 hours now.


I have been disconencted THREE TIMES and forwarded to at least 5 different people, none of which could help me. 


Over a month later I am still dealing with best buy over this. Please don't buy anything important here if you value your sanity. 

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Re: Terrible and disconnected customer experience

Still haven't received the full credit, best buy cannot do anything right, I can't believe this company is still in business.