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Terrible Customer Support For Order Placed In Store

To Whom It May Concern,


I was in the store shopping for a tablet to purchase for my son who is going off to Art School this year. We landed on the Samsung S3 tablet and he wanted the Silver Ver. Which we had to order from the BB Warehouse. No issues right? 


Well today something told me to check on the purchase and make sure everything was sound for it to be delievered this week. 

Clearly it's not. Here is a list of the calamity of errors I have experienced with what should have been a simple purchase. 


1.) The Item shows Out of Stock today on the website. I reached out to see if this would be fufilled and between some people saying yes and some saying no. I have no idea if I will recieve this item.


2.) I noticed on the order that the address was incorrect. I have had the same address for the last 2 years and ordered countless things that have been delievered to my address. I have no idea how this one could be incorrect. It's missing the Lot # and therefore will be deamed undelieverable. NO ONE at best buy can fix this. After hours or going back and forth with the Chat Agents and Phone Agents. 


3.) The item now shows shipped. But I have no idea if it's actually going to be shipped or if this is an error on Best Buys part. The CSR's have told me mixed information so I am unsure if they actually have this item to ship to me.  And to top it off. NO ONE has been able to give me a straight answer or help me. 


I purchase a lot from Best Buy. All TVs, Appliances, Cell Phones, Computers, Media... All purchases I can possibly buy from Best Buy are exclusively bought here. I have maintained Elite Plus for going on 6 years now spending no less than $10,000 a year at least. 


Please assist me with this purchase. It's very important to my son. And I do not want a reason to drop Best Buy as a my choice store for all things electrical. 



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Re: Terrible Customer Support For Order Placed In Store

Welcome back to the Best Buy forums, minus8585, 


I've responded to the private messages that you've sent me.  To see my reply, please click the orange envelope in the top right corner of the screen to view your inbox.  


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Re: Terrible Customer Support For Order Placed In Store

You did  not assist at all. You redirected me to the Store. 


Best Buy clearly does not care about continued business at this point. This was the last chance I was giving you to continue to be my preffered store of purchasing. 

I want you to take a good and long look at how much I purchase through Best Buy and tell me this whole situation is worth losing a customer indefinitely.