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Terrible Customer Service Experience

I have an order that was supposed to be delivered today, but was marked as delayed.  Because I can't get the order in the time frame that is required for me to complete my job with it, I chatted to cancel it.  According to the 40 minute chat log, this is impossible because it's waiting to be picked up by the carrier.  Said I needed to call customer support to actually get it canceled.  


When i did call customer support, the service agent I was talking too decided they wanted to leave me on mute for over 20 minutes because they didn't want to try to help.  I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor, and was told it would be multiple days before I heared back.


This is absolutely outrageous.  You say my item will be delivered on the day that it hasn't even shipped by.  As an Best Buy custommer elite member I can't belive I have wasted so many hours of my morning trying to just get basic customer service.  If the item hasn't left your facility, you should be able to cancel it!  I have never been more upset at the way I was treated by customer service agents.  Just leaving you on mute for over 20 minutes after a 40 minute chat text.


It's not my fault the order is delayed, it's your fault.  Cancel the order since you couldn't meet the terms of the purchase agreement.  I used to sing the praises of Best Buy, but this was horrendous.

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Re: Terrible Customer Service Experience

Hi there, EGM_Talon,


Thanks for connecting with here on the Forums. If find it never ideal when an order is delayed. So, I can understand how disappointing this can be. Typically, once an order has been acknowledged and prepared for shipping, it cannot be cancelled or modified.


I apologize for the experiences when you reached out for support; certainly not in par with level of services we aim to provide. I would like to review your order and see what else might be possible in this situation. To do so, send over a Private Message with your name, phone number, email address, and order number.



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