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Suspicious email from regarding my Best Buy account payment

I received a suspicious email on 2/4 at 9:23PM from stating that "a payment initiated on your account has not been submitted." However, I went on to my account earlier (on 2/4) and I already had a payment scheduled for 2/4. The email had my name, the last four digits of my account, and my balance. The links in the email for taking me to my account had a URL that started with - not even close to the URL when I access the payment system via My Account on the Best Buy site. Almost two hour later, at 11:16PM, I received a confirmaiton of my payment email from CitiBank and the account link in that email had the correct URL.


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Re: Suspicious email from regarding my Best Buy account payment is a legit email address that comes from Citibank. However just to be on the safe side you need to check the email headers to be sure its coming from that address. You can see this on a computer by hovering over links to make sure that you are on the right area. If not, call Citibank on the back of your BBY CC and they can discuss your account. 

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Re: Suspicious email from regarding my Best Buy account payment

Hello, Al,


Thanks for reaching out about the recent email that you received about the payment to your credit card. I can understand wanting to be cautious with the email, as it is important to ensure that your information is secure and that you're not going to fall victim to a scam. 


I did check my email, and as hockeycanuckjc mentioned, it does appear that the email address that you received the email from, is a correct one for activity in your Best Buy Credit Card account. These emails would be sent from Citibank, the issuer of our credit cards. If you still have concerns about the emails that were received, I'd recommend to reach out to the Best Buy Credit Card support team at (888) 574-1301, if you have not already. 


If you should have any other questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to post again!




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