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Re: Stop hiring rude persons

How is it illegal??? There is 0 interest IF you pay the complete ballance off during a certain time period(often 12 months)
If you do not you will get charged all the interest for the interview 12 month period for the original ballance. You signed this as check out. You can read it any time online. You can log into your account online to see any promotions you have with exp dates. This is how no interest promotions work everywehere... menard, lowes, home depo, furniture stores , all do it the same exact way.... it's no ones fault but your own.
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Re: Stop hiring rude persons

Thanks for your comment, but it didn't go the way it should be. In Best Buy store, the sales associate told me that you are all set because your laptop finance was processed into auto-pay for the next 12 months and he said too that I shouldn't worry about that.

After more than a year later, they contacted us about the interest. It is somebody else mistake and I paid for it.

This is illegal. They can not sell something with assurance to the customer that my finance plan was set for autopay, then start charging interest without even send me any messages about that.

The conclusion, I paid money for someone else mistake.