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Still waiting for a refund.

OK, so I am going to explain everything I have been through. Hoping to find assistance to get this finished.


Starting on the 18th of January I received this notification "your return made it back on Tue, January 18. Please allow up to 5 days for us to begin processing your refund."

I waited and saw no refund of my money or best buy points (for the certificate I used.)


On Jan 24th I contacted support via messaging. I was told that it should be refunded to my account and bank in just 4-5 more days. I took the answer and waited for the notification.

Nothing was refunded.


I contacted via chat again on Jan 28th and explained the situation again. Once again I was guaranteed that I would have it refunded within the next 3 days and that I would be contacted within 48 hours by the team that handles refunds.

Nothing was refunded.
No one called or emailed.


At this point I figured that I should start gathering proof of my interactions. So the next two times I had the chat transcript sent to me.


Before I continue on to the last two calls, I just want to explain the current status of the refund.
If you look at the status of the return on the orders list in my account, it still says it has been received and to give 5 days to begin processing the refund.

I have had no refund of the money to my credit card and the points for the best buy certificate I used have not been refunded to my account. 


The next time I contacted via chat, on Feb 5th.

I once again was told that the situation would be escalated to provide an expedited refund.
I was told to check my spam folder to make sure I don't miss the email from the escalation team. That the email would be to me in up to 1 day.

Never received an email. No other type of communication

(I have the official email of the chat)


So I waited for a bit again. Not trying to be rude or impatient. 


Fast forward to Feb 14th, nine days later.


This was the interaction that got me angry and felt like no-one gives a care about my money or my patronage.


First I am told that the refund of $59.99 has been issued. I explained that the total of the refund was not $59.99. It was a lower amount. 

The agent then asks me for the tracking number for the return. I am wondering why you would need the tracking number as I had provided my name and the order number.

But I digress. The agent comes back again and says the correct amount and tells me that the return has been processed. That it will take a billing cycle for the refund to appear. (I have no idea where this person banks… but I have NEVER waited a billing cycle to see a refund when I returned something to best buy.)


The agent then tells me again it has been processed and quotes the incorrect refund amount again!

I once again tell the agent that the website reports that the refund has not been completed.

The agent once again repeats that I will get my refund when my bank has a billing cycle. And that my points will be refunded to my account.


She then tells to I have to wait 4 more days!


I then demand a supervisor.

She tells me the supervisor would just tell me the same thing as what she said.

She then tells me she has escalated it and that they will email me in 48 hours.

Can you guess who didn't get an email?


Here we are 6 days after that chat, 33 days since the item was received by the returns department.

I have no refund of my money or points.
I have contacted support 4 times, each time promised an escalation and an email within 48 hours. No emails received.


Could someone here offer any further assistance?

I have any information you could need about the order and the return. I wasn’t sure if I should post it here or send it directly to someone in a private chat.

I am not an employee of Best Buy.
All opinions and comments are my own.
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Re: Still waiting for a refund.

Hello, d0gg!


Thank you for posting on our forum for support. I hate to hear about the runaround you've been given with your return and refund. This should be a smooth and clear process, so I can understand your frustration with the interactions you've had with customer service so far to try and track down your refund. I'd like the chance to look into this now and assist.


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and order number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Still waiting for a refund.

Did you ever get your refund. My refund amount is almost 2300.00!!!! No return calls or emails. Called customer service 37 times with no success. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau. I suggest you get an attorney like I am and sue sue sue with penalty and interest as well as breach of contract.
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Re: Still waiting for a refund.

Hi, Carriew,


Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums.


I would expect my refund to be processed in a reasonable amount of time as well. I would like to look into this for you and see what options I may have for assistance here. Can you send a Private Message with the information below so that I can look up your My Best Buy account? You should be able to send a Private Message by clicking the button to the right of my signature below!


  • Name
  • E-mail Address
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Re: Still waiting for a refund.

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Re: Still waiting for a refund.

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