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Still not received replacement gift cards after waiting 4 weeks

I used five $500 gift cards (Totally $2500) to ordered a MacBook Pro M1pro 16+512G version at on July 13, the system canceled the order after around half an hour, and then I can no longer check the gift card balance, no matter how I entered the original gift card information, it shows "The gift card number or PIN you entered is not valid. Please try again.", cuz that day is Black Friday in July, I can only access customer service on July 14, the customer service told the cards were hold by system and all they can do is replace that cards for me, after verified my info and gift cards info, he told I will receive new gift cards in 7-10 business days.


On July 22, I still not received the cards, so I called customer service again, they told me there was someone of customer service team did the replacement for me and please let me wait more days, if I still not receive the cards on July 27, call customer service again.


On July 28, I still not received the cards, this time I found my original gift cards can be accessd in gift card balance check system, but all of the cards' balance is 0, I called customer service again, they told me all balance in that five gift cards were transferred out on July 25, and they believed that is because the balance were transferred to new cards, I think that means at least until July 25th, no one really helps me with the replacement of the new gift card. But the problem is, the customer service said BestBuy has sent new gift cards, but they can't provide any courier tracking information for the new gift cards, and she promised they had launched an investigation on the new gift cards and would tell me where the new gift card is in 4-5 days, I was totally understanding and said I could give an extra week to wait for the new gift card to arrive.


But today is Aug 5 and I still haven't received my gift card, I don't know how you can make gift card replacement process so inefficient and I cannot even get a tracking info. Every time I call customer service, it takes a long time to explain my complicated situation. I have a case id which is given by previous customer service people, but customer service always treats the case id as useless. I have to explain it again and again and verify the receipts for the gift card purchase over and over again, but nothing worked, I waited like a fool for 4 weeks, I don't know who to ask for help, if anyone in the forum can help, thank you.

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Re: Still not received replacement gift cards after waiting 4 weeks

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! 


Hi johncknight. Thanks for stopping by our community forums and letting us know about this experience. I know it's important to have your gift cards so you can go ahead and make a new order since the last one was cancelled. We really appreciate your patience and understanding around this matter and I understand your concerns since you have waited some time already. I can definitely take a look into this for you, to see what is happening. 


Please, send me a private message by clicking on the blue button next to my signature, with your full name, phone number, and e-mail address. I look forward to hearing from you. 





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