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Sold me an invalid verizon deal

It's been almost a year and this issue still has not been resolved. My husband upgraded our phones sept 2018 with a buy one get one free deal on the galaxy Note9 at Best Buy store. He paid for one phone cash at the store and the other he was told was free. A couple months after this purchase we noticed on our verizon statement we were being charged for the second phone! We've called verizon, who told us we had to go back to best buy because that deal they gave us ended 1 day before. We went back to best buy and they tell us we have to go back to Verizon! We have called each place multiple times and no one can resolve this issue. They are both giving us the run around, we are frustrated and we have nearly given up! Best buy should be able to resolve this issue because they sold us this deal. This is my last resort and I hope someone can help.