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Shipping open box items-runaround



I placed an order on the BB website on the 16th for a Klipsch R28F speaker at my local bestbuy. It was in the intent to create a home theater setup. It was an amazing deal. 139.99 for Satisfactory condition. I still needed 3 more, so I just widened my search to 250 miles. Upon doing so, I realized that no other stores carried it within range. This obviously is a problem since the R28F speaker is the discontinued version of the new 820F speaker. I am not going to buy the new model, as I want all of them to sound the same and be the same model, as well as the 300 price difference. The thing is, the only way to purchase this item is as an open-box store pickup. And therein my issue lies. There are no more in Florida, so I checked every state in the US. I narrowed it down to 12 stores that had it available, all with 1 in stock, and one with 2 in stock. So I started calling. I am a manager at a restaurant, and have experience working in large retail stores, including the back warehouse, so I am aware of how inventory works and how transfers work. All of the stores but one said that they couldn't transfer open box items. This is a BB policy. However, one store in Georgia did, and were more than helpful. They said I just had to go to my local BB, place the order with them, and just have them call the GA store if they had any questions. We did so, and it worked out. My speaker is being shipped via UPS to my local store, and upon its arrival, they will price match it to the open box price of 139.99 + tax. This was not hard. So now knowing that this works, I called the NY store (because they had 2 speakers which is what I needed), and let them know that I wanted to get these sent out to my store, and that I had it done by another store. They refused and said that its not their policy. Again, I work in a customer service industry, as do you and every employee that works for BB. Our job is to go out of our way to provide a great experience for our shoppers and guests, to get them to come back. I am offering to buy an item, that more than likely has been sitting in their warehouse for a while, and will get to the point where it loses all its value, and the store will have to remove it from their inventory and take a loss for it. I know that it can be purchased and shipped to me because it is being done. I need some help with this. I can pay for the item right now and have it paid for, and it will no longer be in the computer as part of the inventory, and then it just needs to be shipped to me/my local BB. This is not too much to ask. BB is losing money by not having someone buy this, and I can't drive all the way to NY from FL to buy these. What can be done here? I don't want the runaround of we can't, because I know you can. I am willing to accept the liabilities of shipping the items, I just want to get them to complete my project. 

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Re: Shipping open box items-runaround

Hello, EranSagalevich,


Thanks so much for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. I know how awesome our open-box deals can be sometimes, so I know where you’re coming from here.


In this situation, we would not be able to get those speakers shipped to your local store. It sounds like this was done for you as an exception due to the proximity of that first speaker to your location.

I’m not able to go into specifics on our logistics, but we would not be able to send an open-box product from a store in New York to your location, even as an exception. I’m sorry that we won’t be able to make this happen for you.


If you no longer need those speakers you already purchased, they should be returnable under our Return & Exchange Promise for 15 days from your purchase.


Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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