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Serious Support Run-around Blocked Appliance Refund

Hoping someone on here can help with a similar experience or at least offer guidance:


September 23rd, I placed an order for 4 appliances to be delivered in November 21st.  October 15th, I realized the least expensive item was too large and cancelled it.  What I understand now, is even cancelling that single item broke the bundled discounting for the whole purchase (even though the other items qualified) and my credit card received a refund for $888 on an item that’s discounted price was $1809.  It’s a policy that creates a terrible customer experience and is not communicated in any way during the cancellation process - BUT - that’s not where the frustration really comes from:


On October 27th, I called customer support about the apparent half-refund.  After 30 minutes, I was told they had submitted for the remainder and I should see it by the next billing cycle.  I did not, and called customer support on November 13th, and after another 30 minutes was told they had escalated that request and I would hear something back in 48 hours.  I never did.


I finally, after 2 and a half hours yesterday going through an unbelievable support carousel of different groups, wrong hold queues, dropped calls, etc, learned about the bundled discounting being broken, the entire “discount” being applied to the item I had cancelled, and that now, of course, all of the appliances couldn’t be returned.  Sure, there were lots of apologizes for the $1000 “inconvenience”, understanding of my “frustration” but no accountability for the fact that while there may be enough fine print to justify the situation, there was all-too-convenient silence on that until there was no remaining course of action. 


Because that’s the rub, before they were delivered, it seems convenient for Best Buy that my question was never answered, the repeatedly promised followup never came, that I could have cancelled the whole order, gotten a full refund, and simply repurchased the three appliances with their discounted prices, that communication never happened.  The only time I was able to get an answer, was when it was apparently “too late” to do anything about it.


Has anyone had a similar experience?  What should I do about this?


I’ve honestly bought a lot from Best Buy, but this is one of those situations where you realize you can’t ever spend money someplace again.

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Re: Serious Support Run-around Blocked Appliance Refund

Hey there, thadtm!


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forum. 


Getting new appliances should be exciting, and I am sorry to hear that it sounds like you may still have some questions and concerns around your purchase. Per our Return & Exchange Promise, if you received a discount or free item by purchasing multiple items together, you will lose that benefit if you do not return all items purchased. However, i am happy to look into your situation a bit further. 


To start, please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, along with the order number (if you have it). You should be able to do this but clicking the blue button near my signature. 



Jenni|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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