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Scamer text

I'm writing this to make people where of a scam that seems to be going around stating that it is from Best Buy and you need to claim a free valuable gift box immediately because there are only 15 left. And me being the idiot that I am i took the bait without any verification of course I fell hard for it, inly because I desperately needed an Macbook Pro for work and that it could help trade/return to put towards buying a macbook. Instead they captured all my pertinent information including bank accounts passwords everything. Not only did I not get any gift but I lost the money that I was saving for the Mac Pro and now I'll to start saving again for months. So please be careful and always check and verify everything before engaging or handling over any info. I hope this helps and prevents anyone & everyone from going through what I am going through.
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Re: Scamer text

Thanks for the info.  


People like that realy jerk my chain.


I have developed the internal policy that if it seems to good to be true it probalby is not.


Another thing is to pay attention to the email address it is sent from.


Example most Best Buy into email comes from

I don't have an example right now of a a purchase info but it would be similar. 


Also anohter nice trick.  I assume you probalby clicked a link.  What you can do I right click a link and select Copy Hyperlink.  Then paste it into notepad.  And you can see where it is going to try to take you.





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