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Scam Alert: Never Received Best Buy® - $200 Promotional Best Buy E-Gift Card [E-mail delivery]

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The stuff of nightmares

On Feb 16, 2022, I bought a phone (Samsung - Galaxy S22 Ultra 256GB) that supposedly included a $200 Promotional E-Gift Card sent to my email address. Long story short, the confirmation email never came—nor did the actual gift card. I have since then changed email addresses, tried to reconfirm, called Best Buy multiple times, chat with them, went to a physical store, etc., and nothing, zero, nada.


Here is the story of my calls to Best Buy (888) 237-8289. All calls in central time:


  1. The first time I called on 03/21/2022 ~3:53 pm, I was lied to by the operator who told me that the gift card was applied to the balance (it wasn't) and that there was nothing they could do. She tried to convince me I paid $200 less while I had my credit card statement with me. Unreal. Then she transferred the call and I was told to sit tight and wait a couple of days/weeks to receive a physical gift card in the mail because she had "created a case for her manager to review." More lies.
  2. The second time I called on 4/13/2021 ~1:09 pm, they told me to call the "cashstar" department {removed per forum guidelines}. I called them ~1:28 pm and talked to Carlos. He said that these gift cards were not issued by his department and that I should call Best Buy again to have it figured out.
  3. Today (05/02/2022 ~9:37 am), I wanted to give it one more chance so I called I called and I was told by the operator that the gift card was issued and that there was nothing they could do. She said I should talk to the gift card cashstar department (NOT AGAIN!) to which I explained I already had and that they sent me to Best Buy again b/c these gift cards were not issued by them. She insisted on transferring me to which I replied: "No, I'm done playing this game and I need you to give me a solution." She then proceeded to hang up.


Aaand this is my story of how a store I thought was legit scammed me with fake advertising. To be fair, it's not the $200 I care about at this point, but the feeling of being lied to/deceived without a second thought. Instead of being a valued customer and finding a solution for me (e.g. a physical gift card), they'd rather lie to me, play ball, hang up on me, etc. and I'm not gonna take it.

I've also been given multiple reference ids {removed per forum guidelines}and have records of my conversations with agents such as {removed per forum guidelines}. I have documented everything and plan to keep spreading my story and{removed per forum guidelines}if no resolution is offered.



Jose {removed per forum guidelines}

Austin, TX


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Re: Scam Alert: Never Received Best Buy® - $200 Promotional Best Buy E-Gift Card [E-mail delivery]

Hey, Jose!


Welcome to our Community Forums!


We find it never ideal when a promotional gift card is not received as expected. As such we can understand your disappointment and thus reaching out for support related to your purchase of a Samsung Galaxy phone with a gift card offer. We’d like to take a closer look at your purchase and see what we can uncover during this process. To do so, send over a Private Message by clicking the blue button next to my signature with your:


*Full name

*Phone number

*Email address

*Order number or customer service PIN number


We look forward to hearing back!



Andy|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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